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Dekton worktops – Ecology and durability

In the area of kitchen worktops, a great deal of technological progress has been made in recent years. Since the world of kitchen interiors is conquered by modern technologies, countertops have taken over Dekton's surfaces, which are distinguished by their spectacular durability, wide range of colours and rich textures. Ecology

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Conglomerate worktops – why are they a good solution?

Conglomerate worktops are becoming more and more popular. They are quite a good alternative to expensive and heavy stone products, but they are slightly inferior in appearance. Why should they be used indoors? What are their advantages and why are they a good solution? You will find the answers to

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Granite worktops in Surrey – suppliers and showrooms

Granite worktops in Surrey – suppliers Granite is a perfect material for worktops. Its qualities are truly amazing. First of all, granite is a natural rock which is extremely hard. Its hardness makes it remarkably durable and resistant to all kinds of scratches and heavy impacts. Secondly, granite is a

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