Marble zebra

Marble zebra – discover grasslands

Marble zebra – qualities

Marble is a truly unique natural stone. It finds a lot of applications in all areas of human activities. For example you can find traces of marble throughout the history in ancient temples, middle ages streets or baroque chambers’ interiors. Nowadays is no different. Marble is still present in our lives. Just think of marble kitchen countertops, bathroom worktops, table toppings or all kinds of decorative elements. Marble is not only about interiors. There are also outdoor elements that can be made of marble. Just think of marble statues, columns or fountains inspired by ancient monuments. Interestingly, all these applications are possible due to marble outstanding qualities.

Marble is first of all very durable. You can’t easily scratch or damage it. It withstands severe weather conditions like temperature fluctuations, wind and rains. Apart from that marble doesn’t easily absorb liquids and is bacteria free. All these practical aspects of marble are really important but let’s not forget about marble stunning beauty. Just one look and you can see that marble with its unique veining is a wonderful rock that makes all the interiors and outdoor structures eye-catching and beckoning.

Marble zebra – enjoy the grasslands

Marble zebra can refer to two things. First of all, if you have a lot of fantasy and imagination feeds your creativity you can imagine a structure or a monument made of marble and looking like a zebra. Zebra shaped statue can have different size, it can serve as an outdoor element that makes your garden unusual or it can be just a small figure that stands on your desk. The other idea for marble zebra is the color. Marble zebra is a slab which has a unusual mix between black and white, which at times takes the shape of black and white stripes. This unusual pattern makes this particular slab look like a zebra skin. Only imagine, blurring lines of black and white, a wonderful interplay of color that inevitable draws attentions and makes you think of zebra. From this is just a short step to have your kitchen furnished and enjoy the grasslands.

Blue bathroom

Blue bathroom – let’s swim

Blue bathroom – possible designs

Bathroom is very often overlooked when it comes to design. Although, it’s a very important part of our houses and flats we tend to leave it out and forget about arranging it in harmony with all the other rooms. Moreover, very often we focus mainly on its functionalities and practical aspects and forget about the aesthetics. It’s a common mistake and needs to be changes. Bathrooms, even the small ones can be interestingly arranged and designed in style. There are many possibilities here, and only your imagination is the limit.

Modern design is one the possibilities here. Modern in case of bathroom means usability, practicality and simplicity. Hence, bathroom furnishings should have clearly defined lines, straight and clean. The edges should be polished and clearly visible. The arrangement should be easy to navigate and there should be no obstacles on your way. The surface should be glossy and without any smudges. Finally, decorative elements need to be kept to the minimum.

Blue bathroom – materials

Although, modern color is frequently associated with white a good choice when it comes to bathroom is blue. You can still follow all the above described indicators of modern bathroom design and yet make it a little more appealing and comfy. Blue bathroom can look clean and fresh. It can give you the air of healthy water or waterfall where you can just dive into and splash. Can you see the water drops shining and waiting for you to embrace them? To make this vision come true you need proper and high quality materials.

The possibilities here are many and more. Think for example of granite, marble or quartz. These are high quality products that can make your bathroom stylish. Imagine bathroom where the walls are light blue, all the appliances are of the same shade. The flooring is navy blue, intense and solid. The walls are glassy blue, almost translucent. Finally, all the taps and worktops are made of deep blue quartz. It’s up to you whether the quartz is matt or shiny. Can you take swim in such a bathroom?

Granite worktops in Surrey

Granite worktops in Surrey – suppliers and showrooms

Granite worktops in Surrey – suppliers

Granite is a perfect material for worktops. Its qualities are truly amazing. First of all, granite is a natural rock which is extremely hard. Its hardness makes it remarkably durable and resistant to all kinds of scratches and heavy impacts. Secondly, granite is a non-porous rock which means that it doesn’t absorb liquids easily. Hence, all water or any other liquid splashes do not harm to granite. Finally, granite is also heat resistant. All these qualities alone make granite perfect for kitchen worktops. Yet, there is one more, no less important. Granite is simply uniquely colored. Little grains that are just beneath its surface combined with even deeper going veining make it look stunning. Interestingly, you won’t find two identical pieces of granite. It’s  a natural stone and nature doesn’t exactly repeat itself.

If you’re looking for granite worktops suppliers in Surrey you must be sure to check them carefully. First of all, learn a little bit about granite qualities and if you’re interested dig deeper into the whole process of granite manufacturing. Granite worktops suppliers usually offer wide range of granite products and they always try to get you buy their product. Hence, granite prices aren’t low be sure to choose trusted supplier and make reasonable decisions based not on the intuition or made because the clerk is such a nice person. Always come prepared. Learn a little about the source of granite, where exactly does it come from. Then, check what are the possible processing methods and where these processes take place. Finally, learn more about possible ways of cutting granite, basically you can have to options – clean cut edges or rough edges. Finally, check the polishing process and ways of shipping and proper storage.

Granite worktops in Surrey – showrooms

When researching granite worktops in Surrey be sure to check if the supplier has showrooms. Showrooms are an excellent opportunity to see how finally processed granite slabs can look like. In most of the showrooms you can see slabs of granite placed one above the other. In this way you can compare colors and ways of polishing (glossy and shiny or matte.) Some showrooms offer even more interesting displays where you can actually see the sample kitchen with fitted kitchen worktop. In this way you can truly understand how the final product – the granite worktop looks like. Be sure to use this opportunity before you start your house remodeling and decide on granite worktop. There is no rule which says that granite looks good in all kinds of interiors.

Forest brown marble

Forest brown marble – enjoy the walk

Forest brown marble

Have you ever wondered why certain marble slabs are given particular names? The answer is really simple, marble slabs are given names that describe the colors. The names are there to make marble more attractive and evocative. They are there to get you inspired and make you play with home interiors and designs. Just think of the possibilities that marble colors like pure pearl, midday sky, cappuccino or jungle forest offer. The color in itself may not be enough to make you buy it or think of possible arrangement. But the name that is proper and imaginative can boost your creativity and give you an idea on how to arrange your space and make it unique. Hence, there are the names. And their role can’t be underestimated. Think only of below example and enjoy the way it works on your imagination.

Forest brown marble. Hear the word. But truly hear the word. Take a moment to let the name sink in. Take your time, don’t rush things. It’s important to be careful with words. Always. Even it’s just a kind of creative play on your imagination. Now. Do you get it? What can you see? Is it marble with intense brown shade, not regular? Here and there it’s damaged, darker and looking old. Other parts look younger, they are brighter and more uniform. There is a visible veining slithering underneath. Something like really dark snake going through undergrowth, like a trace of splinter underneath your skin. Imagine the sun rays bouncing off the darker parts, a little scared of what’s there and gently touching the brighter parts giving off its warmth to keep them alive. That’s the forest brown marble. But only it’s one embodiment, created by one imagination. Use your own to find a new image and walk your path.

Forest brown marble – get in the woods

Immerse yourself in the forest brown marble (see more here www.) Don’t be afraid to take a step and walk deep into the woods. Silently awaiting your arrival. If you truly decide on taking that trip be sure to be properly equipped. You don’t want to wander endlessly through the forest paths, with no direction and chaos all around you. Simply, choose the suitable walls and furniture to guide you on your trip.