How to use granite in the house?

Natural stones are increasingly used by interior decorators. They are sleek, durable and highly resistant – these qualities are perfect for people that consider room décor an essential, and the natural stones will satisfy even the most demanding people. It is no surprise that they are willingly used in virtually any room. Granite is particularly profound – they are oven used as worktops in the kitchens, and nothing can harm them. However, this is not the only use for granite – they will also work in the bathroom, and can be used as flooring, and although they might be quite cold, they will serve us for years. Continue reading  


What harms a granite worktop?

What harms a granite worktop?
Worktops made from granite are a solution which will be loved by every person who spends a lot of time in their kitchen. We no longer need cutting boards – as we can successfully cut directly on the worktop, because even very sharp knives will not cause the worktop harm. Of course, if our main goal is to damage the worktop, for example with a hammer or any other kind of powerful tool, we can indeed damage it, but it is unlikely that we will unwillingly damage the worktop during everyday use. Continue reading  


Why choose a granite worktop?

They are elegant, modern in design and have an excellent durability. Those are the most important qualities of granite – it is a raw material, which will have an established presence in our homes, and will not only be a great decoration, but a significant piece of material which will be used for a lifetime, and not only as a worktop in our kitchen. However, one cannot deny that this material isn’t expensive – although the great advantage of this material is that it fits almost everywhere. Continue reading