Granite worktops London

Granite worktops London the manufacturing process

Granite worktops London – manufacturing, maintenance, advantages

A beautiful kitchen is a dream for every house owner. But looks are not everything. Kitchen is, first and foremost, the place where you prepare meals and as such it has to conform to usability standards and proper design rules. In addition, kitchen will be one of the most used places in your home, thus it should be made of materials of the highest possible quality to ensure its durability. One of the first issues you will have to overcome is the choice of a kitchen worktop. You’ve probably heard a lot of good things about granite worktops London and all those praises were not exaggerated. Granite worktops will stay beautiful after years of use. In recent years they became immensely popular once again, so we have decided to create an article that will explain why they are so great, how they are manufactured and how to maintain them. All details can be found below.

Granite worktops London – the manufacturing process

A natural stone is used to create the granite worktop. This material is very hard to work with without proper tools and tried methods. Without good equipment, granite is impossible to shape. Let’s take a look at the way a granite worktop is made. First, you have to choose the color of the material. Fortunately, granite appears in a huge variety of natural hues and patterns, so you can easily find something that will fit your interior design. Next stage is pricing, of course. London granite worktops are made by expert stonemason companies and their experience allows them to price the work they are tasked with pretty quickly – just ask the company you have chosen and you will get a detailed pricing in no time. Nothing stands in your way if you wish to ask a few companies simultaneously, to choose the best offer. When you finally decide, you have to schedule an appointment, so the experts can measure the work area. Before the crew arrives, set the kitchen furniture in its final spots, so the measurement will be accurate. You should also plan ahead and find the place for the stove, the sink and other necessary equipment. Only then the installation of a granite worktop London will be accurate.

next step is the manufacturing itself. Granite slab is shaped and handled with special machines and diamond tools – more and more popular these days, as they allow for  shaping it in quick and effective manner. Diamond tools ensure smooth surface and precise shape, chosen by the client. additionally, diamond tools also make the stone more resistant to scratches and other damages, as they do not harm the surface. The last stage is the installation process. The time it will take to install the worktops depends on numerous factors, but usually it takes from 3 up to 8 hours. Of course, the company brings everything it needs for the installation and only thing you should take care of is getting rid of all the items which may hinder the process or block the path for the experts.


Granite worktops London – maintenance

Proper maintenance of granite worktops is crucial for their everlasting beauty. That is why every buyer of such worktop should know the basic rules of caring for the granite surface and cleaning it. Here are the most important rules.

  1. Never use chemicals that have an acid in their ingredients list for cleaning a granite surface – most acidic solutions decolorize the stone and the stone will stop shining..
  2. Do not use bleach, as they also decolorize the surface.
  3. Do not use silicone oils for cleaning granite. Window cleaners or furniture solutions are also a bad idea, as they can leave permanent smudges.
  4. Granite worktops London (read more on should be cleaned with soft cloth and warm water (mix it with a drop of a dishwashing detergent). Remember to wipe the damp worktop with clean water and dry the surface with cloth.
  5. Take note that it is ill-advised to use baking soda or lye near the worktop, as even a small portion can damage the stone.
  6. Nail polish remover and petroleum are also able to damage the natural structure of the stone, so be careful with them.
  7. Although granite worktops London are very durable and resistant, it is not recommended to cut anything directly on them.
  8. To ensure the worktop stays clean, wipe any liquid that appears on it.
  9. Try not to move heavy objects on the worktop’s surface to make sure you won’t scratch it.
  10. Granite worktop should be waterproofed once a year. This process will secure the structure of the stone and provide resistance to hard to remove stains. Waterproofing should be performed using a cloth or a brush and finished with polishing the surface with dry rag. Before you start waterproofing, remove any stains, clean the surface carefully and dry it completely.


Advantages of granite worktops London

It is certain that granite worktops have a number of advantages. The most important ones are enumerated below:

  • A large variety of vibrant, natural hues – thanks to that property you can find a worktop that will suit your specific needs and taste.
  • Exquisite looks which make every interior more luxurious.
  • Incredible hardness and durability which makes your granite worktops last for years.
  • High resistance to scratching, dampness and other damaging factors, which makes it easier to use.
  • Granite is non-flammable, so it can be placed near stoves and ovens.
  • Granite worktops are also resistant to heat, so you can put a hot plate or pot on them.
  • Due to the fact that granite worktops have a very smooth surface, they are amazingly easy to clean.


Stylish interior

Flat’s stylish interior

Flat’s stylish interior

While arranging the flat’s stylish interior, most people are interested in creating both stylish and convenient interior. While creating such an interior necessary is a mixture of solutions that provide one with comfort while using the flat and keep the flat stylish and trendy. Obviously it requires very careful analysis of the market, which allows checking which materials are available for affordable prices, guarantee high quality and come from proven producers that offer modern solutions.
While purchasing stone worktops it is essential to buy from producers that are in the market for a long time. It gives one an access to the more durable materials. However, products of prestigious shops do not always have to be costly for it is always possible to look for sales and offs and buy granite worktops much cheaper.

Arranging a flat

When it comes to make a design of flat’s entire interior it is imperative to go for solutions that are both trendy and adhere to style unity. As a result it is important for designs of different rooms to fit each other. It takes much more time when one wants to arrange a flat on her/his own, together with making a plan of interior design. However, it is always possible to consult one of the specialized companies.

In case of specialized companies one can rest assured that the interior design will be stylish, trendy and at the same time will manage the utility space in a much better way. It is not necessary to order such a company to arrange the house according to the design made, for it is possible to hire a cheaper renovation company and such a step may help one reduce the costs.

Purchase of equipment

While buying flat equipment it is essential to select optimal quality products. It allows one to obtain kitchen equipment made of proven materials that is at the same time of optimal functionality and durability together with reduced purchase cost.
A proper selection of place for making such purchases allows one to limit the costs of buying when it comes to large quantity of materials, furniture or various devices. One of solutions is to make purchases during sales. Other solution may be selecting bigger stores that can offer lower prices while making bigger purchases.

finishing works

Finishing works in kitchen

Efficient finishing works in kitchen

A proper planning of particular steps of work included as parts of finishing of renovating works in a flat makes it easier to complete such works on time and at the same time being comfortable for the flat’s dwellers. Because of that it is important to plan in advance the time of finishing works and particular steps of works together with deciding whether to hire outside companies for construction works or to do them on one’s own.

While doing the finishing works essential is to analyse the market properly so as to choose best materials fitting the style of interior design. A more careful analysis helps to find cheaper materials and make arranging the flat much cheaper. It is imperative when the works are reaching broader scale and purchases of bigger amount of materials, furniture or appliances are necessary.

Selection of materials

Selecting proper materials to finish particular rooms is one issue, but looking for furniture and appliances made of high quality materials in another one. It is immensely important for rooms like kitchen and as a consequence kitchen equipment has to perform well in various conditions that are related to the fact that there is water and it has a negative effect on many materials making them wear out more quickly.

Among materials worth noticing and using in kitchen are stone worktops. They can be situated around sinks to improve the resistance against water and make cleaning more convenient. Additionally, the stone can be regularly cleansed to reduce the risk of being damaged. Essential is also fact, that granite worktops are trendy materials that make the interior look classy. Moreover, they are available in different range of colors or textures which allows fitting them into both classic and modern interior.

Where to shop?

A choice of store influences the total amount that has to be paid for building materials for kitchen or flat, renovation but also various appliances. Bigger stores like supermarkets selling equipment for flat offer discounts that may lower the expenses.
Purchasing kitchen equipment in online shops helps us save up some money. In such shops it is extremely cost-efficient to buy separate elements of equipment since Internet offers average or lower prices for most markets.

kitchen design

Kitchen Design in your home

Kitchen Design

Working according to the kitchen design requires deciding on going with solutions that give more functional and durable furniture, devices and materials usable on walls and floors. Regular usage of particular furniture and devices together with necessity of very frequent cleaning leads to indispensability of using better quality products that are at the same time accustomed to natural kitchen conditions. In this aspect it is essential to go for stone worktops that make convenient cleaning, together with granting longer durability of materials and saving up some money possible. Furniture does not have to be replaced that often which leads to lack of necessity of buying new furniture after short period of usage.

Choosing granite worktops one can gain a highly esthetic kitchen finishing and furniture element that is incredibly durable at the same time. Among many, one of advantages of such materials is a possibility to select various elements in form of worktops in the aspect of the look which allows one to match the color with the one of the interior.

Cost of purchasing kitchen equipment

While buying kitchen appliances it is essential not only to choose products made of high-quality materials, but also based on advanced technology that promotes higher degree of functionality. At the same time it is possible to go for furniture and devices that will fit the grander design prepared for kitchen. It is imperative to take a closer look at devices and kitchen furniture market for in many cases it is possible to obtain much cheaper products that are at least of optimal quality.
Currently, kitchen equipment is possible to be bought in various shops, ranging from big markets offering a great choice of kitchen equipment to more specific shops that provide only the kitchen goods. One can also choose to buy from online shops where smaller or average prices are to be found. In case of online shop providing free shipping of devices and furniture the price may turn to be really good.

Interior design

When one wants to create a flat that is stylistically coherent it is imperative to match particular decorations with the whole flat. The best, but not the cheapest solution is to buy a project from a company specialized in interior design. One can also arrange the flat on her or his own but she or he has to become accustomed to trendy interior designs in the first place.
While arranging a flat essential is sufficient knowledge of devices and furniture market, so that one can select certain flat elements for better prices.