Natural stone worktops

Natural stone worktops

Natural stone worktops – where lies their beauty?

Natural stone has been well established in kitchens and bathrooms. In most of the cases it is used for worktops, There is nothing strange about that, because it has extraordinary technical parameters and looks great. Where lies the beauty of natural stone worktops? You’ll find out in this article!

Natural stone worktops – what makes them unique?

    • Universality and timeless beauty – stone worktops suit each and every décor. They are ideal for both modern and traditional interior design. They look really well combined with simple and stylized furniture. Besides, they offer unlimited arrangement possibilities. They are luxurious, noble and elegant. They are a perfect decorative element for every interior.
    • Richness of colours – stones such as granite or marble come in variety of colours. Within the colour palette there are both light and dark colours, so every client may choose a shade that will suit his taste and the décor of his interior.
    • Uniqueness – natural stone worktops are unique. They are not an effect of mass production, but emerge as an effect of the processing of a natural material. Stone layers are shaped by processes occurring beneath the earth, so it is impossible to find two identical blocks. Therefore, it is also impossible to make two identical worktops. The blocks differ slightly from each other and this makes them absolutely unique.
    • Extraordinary durability – stone is probably the hardest of all materials used for kitchen and bathroom worktops. Unless it is hit with a heavy object with great power, it is very resistant to scratches and cracks. Unfortunately, hardness makes the stone difficult to process, but masonry companies have access to equipment and technologies that facilitate this process.
    • High hygienic safety – Compact structure of the stone and polished surface guarantee high hygienic safety and make it impossible for the bacteria to penetrate the structure of the material. Stains and dirt remain on the surface and it is easy to get rid of them. Simply do not let them dry. Liquids do not penetrate the surface of natural stone worktops, so the coffee that you spilled accidentally will not leave permanent stains!
    • High resistance to damage – Natural stone, especially granite, is extremely resistant to mechanical damage and atmospheric conditions. It endures both high and low temperatures. It is resistant to discolourations, scratches and defects, but you should remember to avoid cleaning with rough sponges and cutting the products directly on the surface.

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kitchen hobs

Kitchen hobs

Kitchen hobs – available types

Every housewife knows, that the kitchen simply doesn’t function without a kitchen hob. Currently there are different types of hobs available on the market. They have different power supply (electrical or gas), but that’s not the only difference. What kinds of kitchen hobs are available in sale? Here are some of our tips!

Kitchen hobs – an overview of available types

  1. Induction hobs – very elegant and increasingly popular. These products work really well in minimalist and modern interiors. They emit heat through electromagnetic induction. They require electric power supply. Their most important advantages are: safety, low-energy consumption, convenience of use, easiness to keep clean and shorter cooking time in comparison with other products. Unfortunately they are quite expensive, but its worth to pay more for high quality.
  1. Kitchen gas hobs – require gas. They have been increasingly popular for many years. No wonder, because the costs of using them are very low. Besides, they have an attractive appearance and come in affordable prices ( the range of prices is quite big so every client should find something for himself). Kitchen gas hobs may have different number of burners: two, three, four (most popular option) or even five. It is worth noting here, that the interior in which they will be mounted should be well-ventilated, because burning gas produces fumes.
  1. Electric plate kitchen hobs – devices equipped with intuitive mechanisms such as automatic power cut-off or sensors that turn the burner on when the pot is placed on the surface. They have electric burners consisting of heating plates made of cast iron. They are cheap and very simple to use. Unfortunately they are increasingly being replaced with induction or ceramic hobs.
  1. Ceramic hobs – are slowly conquering the market. It’s no surprise, because they look very modern and using them is pure pleasure. The device has a perfectly smooth surface with separate heating panels, which makes cleaning easier (there are no burners and tiny spaces in which the grease and dirt gather). They conduct the heat really well, are functional, have modern design and are very convenient to use.
Composite worktops

Composite worktops

Composite worktops – info in a nutshell

Workspace in the kitchen should be durable and resistant to mechanical damage. It is worth using robust, high quality materials. Stone and the lately popular composite are such materials. What are composite worktops and why are they better than other products? We’re explaining this in the further part of this article.

Composite worktops – general characteristics and main features

  • Composite is a material obtained from ground rocks (most often from aluminum hydroxide), binder such as acrylic resin and pigments, which allow for obtaining any colour (many companies offer over 70 shades).
  • The material for composite worktops is liquid. It is thermoplastic, so any form and shape can be applied to it. This is of great importance in cases when the design of the interior is not typical.
  • Composite worktops are light. The installation doesn’t require reinforcement of the cabinets and is much easier that the installation of stone worktops. Composite worktops are nice and warm to touch, because they are the same temperature as the interior, in which they have been installed.
  • Perfectly smooth surface of composite worktops makes them highly hygienic and easy to keep clean. Dirt doesn’t adhere to their surface and the compact structure reduces the risk of permanent stains that are hard to clean. Composite worktops are resistant to moisture too, and this is very important in spaces such as kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Composite worktops can be renovated. Unfortunately, they are more prone to scratches than stone worktops, but much more resistant than marble or wood. However once you notice some scratches, you’ve got nothing to worry about, because they can be simply and easily removed. The top layer has to be grinded and polished again and the worktop will regain its shine and flawless appearance.
  • Unfortunately, composite worktops do not tolerate high temperatures, so direct contact with hot kitchenware should be avoided. If you disregard this precaution, the worktop may crack and unaesthetic bulges may appear on its surface.
  • The last thing we want to mention is the price. Composite worktops are very expensive. In some cases their price exceeds the price of stone worktops. However, it is worth to buy them because it is an investment for many years to come and the elegant look is a fair reward for the expense!
Modern kitchen

Modern kitchen

Modern kitchen – tips on furnishing

Are you dreaming of a modern kitchen but don’t know how to furnish it? It’s fairly simple! You only have to consider several aspects that are crucial for this style. Moreover, in the article we’ve prepared, you will find many important tips, helpful you in creating a stylish and elegant modern kitchen which will suit your needs. Do not hesitate, read the article and you are ready to go!

Modern kitchen and its key aspects

Every style, also the modern one, has some distinctive features, apparent at first glance. The most important are:

  • Minimalism together with keeping the colour and form simple. Modern style is all about simple, geometric shapes, homogenous, smooth surfaces and limited colours. This is why we are advising to use two to three contrasting colours and choose furniture with simple and smooth fronts (they can be matt or shiny).
  • You should know that modern kitchen is not only about order and harmony, but also about functionality. Think twice about arranging the furniture and household appliances. You will need separate zones for cooking, storing and washing dishes. Think about appropriate number of kitchen cabinets in which you will store all the things needed for preparing meals. Don’t save on household appliances – they are supposed to make your work easy and pleasant.
  • Consider having a kitchen island, which looks great even in small interiors and provides extra work space. Besides, it is perfect for family meetings. You can cook there, eat meals and drink your morning coffee. It is very convenient to use, because you can access it from all sides.
  • Invest in high quality robust materials and mix them together. Modern style is not only about wood, but also stainless steel, glass and stone, so don’t be afraid to combine them!
  • Buy good lightning. One source of light, mounted under the ceiling is too little to make the modern kitchen bright. This is why it is so important to have spot light fixtures placed under the cabinets and over the cooker or the island.
  • Buy big and little household appliances. Fridge, cooker and oven are a must. It it also worth to invest in a cooker hood, microwave, coffee machine, toaster and many other appliances, which facilitate the process of preparing meals.