Kashmir white granite

Kashmir white granite

Kashmir white granite – a perfect choice for kitchen worktop

Granite is one of the most commonly used stones for kitchen worktops. Kashmir white is a beautiful, light coloured variety, which perfectly suits other materials.

Kashmir white granite – light charm of the stone

The characteristic feature of this variety is the surface; rich in different shades of grey. The overall texture of the stone has diffused darker spots and grey stripes. When subjected to direct sunlight, kashmir white granite displays sparkling particles, which provide additional charm to the worktop. Because of the light colour, this variety perfectly suits darker cabinets by way of contrast. It is particularly often combined with darker surfaces, because it is the best way to bring out the special colour and uniqueness of this granite. The surface, despite its light colour, is resistant to dirt and damage. Besides, using kashmir white granite allows for grinding of the cracked or fractured worktops. Once the worktop had been damaged, stone qualities allow for restoring smooth surface and original structure. This is why it is an often choice of clients, who appreciate elegance and functional properties.

Resistance of kashmir white granite to wear

The choice of kashmir white granite is often influenced by its high resistance to wear. It is a very important factor, because specificity of the kitchen requires the use of hard material. Worktops are surfaces on which we cut fruits and vegetables, put hot pots and frequently heavy objects such as bags with our shopping or jars. Worktops also have to support kitchen utensils, and this is why granite is an ideal material, which guarantees many years of use. A repeated use cannot destroy it to an extent when it is not appropriate for use anymore. Such worktops can be used by generations. After an exchange of wooden elements, the kitchen can be thoroughly renovated and its appearance completely transformed. It is enough to replace the fronts of the cabinets in order to bring out a completely new dimension of the kitchen. Despite these changes, the worktop can still effectively perform its function and remain beautiful. It is worth adding, that kashmir white granite is also used outside the house for instance for stairs, elevations and external windowsills. Of you are looking for kashmir white granite for your kitchen visit polishgranite website.

Tools for stone processing

Tools for stone processing

It is not only about the chisel – several words about tools for stone processing

The stone may remain untouched and be appreciated for its naturalness, while it decorates a meadow or a garden. However, many types of stones are subjected to processing and their shape and purpose are changed.

Tools for stone processing – types

Among tools for stone processing we can distinguish: Velcro polishing pads, grinding wheels for marble/granite, various diamond wheels, end milling cutters, machine and hand hole saws, profile cutters for centres and edge profilers, handles for Velcro polishing pads (soft and hard), tools for engraving on manually operated machines or other non-standard custom made tools.

Tools for stone processing – polishing

If we want to obtain a nice effect, the stone needs to be polished. Smooth surface often requires a long polishing process. This enables production of a good product, which is eligible for sale. Polishing is performed with such tools for stone processing as Velcro polishing pads. They operate on the principle of abrasive wheel attached to a drill. The drill set in motion causes the Velcro pad to move. The surfaces of the Velcro pad make the stone’s surface smooth. This technological process can be performed in both wet and dry conditions. The level of humidity depends on the type of stone and its susceptibility to processing.

Holes and tools for stone processing

Producing cuts and holes in stone is not a problem for a qualified craftsman. He can use special tools for stone processing such as milling cutters. Owing to their specificity it is possible to make holes and drillings in the stone, and at the same time to preserve its uniform structure. During such operation the stone doesn’t crack. This technology is an incredibly important solution during the creation of various complicated constructions or during installation of stone elements. It is not always possible to install the stone using the method of putting subsequent elements of stone on top of the other in order to attach the previous part.

Stone engraving

Making inscriptions on the stone also requires the use of tools for stone processing. This option is especially important in stonemasonry companies, which specialize in the production of headstones. Often times the clients, apart from traditional letters, order sketches or images, so it is very important to have access to appropriate tools. All headstones are made of stone and using chisel has become a thing of the past!

Kapustinskij granite

Kapustinskij granite

Kapustinskij granite – a choice for the brave

Kapustinskij granite is distinctive because of its intense, bold colour. It is black-red, most often with a dominance of red. It often has a hint of grey too. It sparkles when subjected to light and this brings out the multitude of colours. Because of its colour, it is very characteristic among other granites.

Kapustinskij granite  – vases

This stone is perfect for the production of vases. The original colour of this type of granite makes it an often choice for the production of decorative accessories for the interior. Granite seldom comes in such intense colours; therefore kapustinskij granite is very popular. It is often a choice of intent people, who like expressiveness and extravagance. It is a mistake to think that any product made of this stone will remain unnoticed! Vases made of this material are very popular and they provide a unique effect. Even a quiet interior will become bold and pronounced with merely a vase made of this granite! It is however important to bear in mind, that accessories made of this granite do not handle competition well, so if we decide to have a decorative element made of this granite, it is best to limit other, especially patterned accessories to the minimum. This way we will highlight the uniqueness of this stone. Beauty and elegance do not like to fight for our attention.

Kapustinskij granite – headstones

Almost each type of granite can be used in the stonemasons industry, precisely speaking in the production of headstones. Not many people however will choose kapustinskij granite, because, as stated earlier, it has an incredibly bold colour. Headstones are usually made of toned and classical stones in average colours. This however does not alter the fact, that there are also enthusiasts of such radical solutions. It will be undoubtedly easier to find a headstone made of such special colour and pattern between other uniformly coloured ones.

Kapustinskij granite – properties

Like every other granite, this variety too is resistant to wear and weight. It is neither brittle, nor sensitive to breaks. Besides, it is very resistant to big temperature amplitudes and to rain. This is why it is perfect for finishing of the house, for instance for building the stairs. It will be also perfect for courtyards, for building fences and driveways. Kapustinskij granite was originally mined in Ukraine.