Quartz worktops in London

Quartz worktops in London – all the way from the Earth’s crust

Quartz origins

Quartz is one of the most commonly found minerals. Its deposits are deep into Earth’s crust spread all over and present in most of the geological formations. You can find quartz in granite, sandstone or shale. Interestingly, quartz is chemically and physically resistant to the natural processes of weathering. In practice, it means that when quartz is formed into a rock and the rock is subjected to the process of erosion quartz minerals don’t wither but are accumulated in the rock surroundings like the soil, water or beaches. Major suppliers of quartz are the United States and Brazil. Natural and pure quartz is hardly to be found. Its deposits are frequently chemically impure, and therefore need to undergo the process of manufacturing in order to be further used. Pure quartz crystals, the so called gemstones are rarely found.

Quartz becoming a worktop

How grains of quartz found in rocks or around them become what we know as quartz worktops? As it’s mentioned above quartz in the natural state is most frequently impure. In order to be suitable for further processing it needs to be carefully engineered. What does this process involve? Applying the newest techniques quartz is basically fortified with resin and made into solid product. Simply visualise crushed grains of quartz which are bound together by resin – which serves as a glue. Then, an industrial machine forms quartz slabs. Then, quartz slabs undergo a few more manufacturing processes like cleaning and polishing. Finally, they’re ready to be used for different applications. Quartz slabs can be cut into bathroom worktops, kitchen countertops, slabs ready to serve as flooring or wall cladding. Final product of engineering is frequently called agglomerate.

Quartz worktops in London

In the end quartz worktops in London are formed and designed for our customer needs, you can see more on pmgranite.co.uk website. Quartz worktops can take many different forms depending on individual design. Quartz is perfectly suitable material for kitchen worktops due its qualities. As an engineered stone quartz worktops are available in a variety of colours, even those non-naturally occurring hues. Since it’s being manufactured its structure is also hardened. Quartz worktops are therefore durable and have hard surfaces, which are difficult to scratch or be damaged by impacts. They are also completely non-porous. They don’t absorb any liquids so you don’t have to worry about accidental spills etc. Quartz doesn’t also need any special maintenance to stay clean and in good condition. It’s also antibacterial so you can get really comfortable if you decide to furnish your kitchen with quartz worktop. Quartz worktops in London are abundant so take your time and choose what suits you best.

Modern patio

Modern patio – enjoy the outside

Modern patio – design

In times when there is no space for garden it’s patio that rules. When it’s impossible for you to have the proper garden and you still have some space to arrange make it into patio and enjoy the outside. How to arrange the patio so it doesn’t feel crowded or overwhelming? How should the modern patio look like? First of all, try to keep it simple and spacious. Make the lines clean and straight to keep the appearance of space and comfort. Decide on the proper flooring. The best solution is to choose natural materials. In case of flooring this can be for example granite. You can choose from granite setts or be more modern and decide on granite slabs – which are more stylish. Another important thing to keep in mind is to keep it bright. If there is no natural light or the place is shadowed choose some additional light sources, standing lamp can be a great addition. Finally, remember to add natural touch to the patio. Put some plants in strategic places or spread some artificial grass to keep it green.

Modern patio – furniture

Modern patio wouldn’t do without modern furniture. Modern furniture should be made of natural materials. Wood is always a good choice since it makes places look warm and close to nature. Consequently, it has the calming and peaceful effect. The furniture should be in harmony with patio surroundings. Therefore, keep it simple and straight. Straight and clean lines make the space appear bigger than it really is. Use this effect to your advantage, especially when your patio space is limited. Good idea is to combine wooden furniture with natural stone elements. Think for example of setting wooden benches in the stone foundation. You save on space and get an eye-catching effect. Remember to always choose the same kind of furniture, don’t mix modern chairs with grandma’s table. Finally, add some subtle decorative elements to make the place alive. Think of nicely coloured pillows or creatively designed lanterns.

Granite mountains

Granite mountains – pure nature

Granite mountains – history

The Granite Mountains are located in the United States in the East Mojave desert. They are one of the largest mountain ranges in this area. They consist of granitic canyon walls and huge slabs spread all over their space. Interestingly, these granitic rocks during the years have eroded into all kinds of beautiful shapes, there are spires, curiously shaped boulders and curved cliff faces. They all were formed in the prehistoric times, when the volcanos erupted. Afterwards, the magma was cooled and solidified. In this all the various minerals were created and interestingly shaped.

Granite Mountains – back to nature’s origins

Interestingly, the Granite Mountains are located in the most pristine and natural part of the United States . The East Mojave desert is a part of a national park, where you can encounter the most natural landscapes not touched by the human hand. The places if full of mountain islands, cooled lava forms in a variety of shapes, crystal clean springs and rock forms. Granite Mountains represent the nature’s origins unchanged by human activities and industries. The whole area is therefore, hugely valued by the scientists. Various researchers can find here many things to study starting from geologist to climatologists.

Granite Mountains – let’s go hiking

Although, some parts of the Granite Mountains are forbidden for tourists there are still many places and routes, where you can go hiking. The mountains are known for their stunning beauty so there are some interesting hiking paths. If you want to enjoy the nature in its purest state, pristine and virgin land the mountains are one of the best choices. Exquisite land forms, rich fauna and flora life are waiting to show you their beauty. If only you remember to hike carefully keeping in mind the unspoiled quality of these parts you can truly enjoy this trip. This kind of getting in touch with nature can also allow you to find your true self.