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How to use granite in your house?

Natural stones in the interior designs are more and more popular nowadays and are loved by interior decorators. They are elegant, durable and resistant to many factors that would destroy an ordinary kitchen worktop. These three characteristics are very important to many homeowners who build or renovate their house.
It should not be surprising that they can be used in almost any room in your home. Granite would probably be your main point of interest – granite kitchen worktops (see more at are truly of the highest quality and they are practically indestructible. But creating a worktop is not the only use of granite – it can be also successfully utilized in the bathroom or as a flooring – it may be a little bit cold, but it will be useful for years to come.
What’s more – you can also use it to create a wall cladding or paneling. Marble will also be useful for that purpose and can be utilized in a variety of other ways – stairs and details made of the natural stone will provide a truly unique vibe and can be used both at home or in office spaces and make a great impression on anyone.
A huge variety of colors and patterns created by mother nature are certainly a beautiful decoration. You can choose from numerous versions and finishes, with matte and polish being the most prominent ones. There are hundreds of options available. This is a solution for next decades, but you have to choose the stone properly – some, like marble, are less durable than granite and its best to secure it and try not to damage its surface or structure. If you maintain it properly, it will last for generations.

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