Light up kitchen

Light up kitchen – a few ideas

Light up kitchen – what can you do

Kitchen is the very heart of your home. It’s the very center where the most important everyday activities take place. It’s the place where you regularly prepare meals, where your family and friends gather to eat dinners, where you can have early morning coffee while reading a newspaper or where your kids can do their homework. Since kitchen is so important for everyday actions it’s necessary to keep it properly lit and bright so it remains welcoming and functional at the same time. It’s not easy to light up kitchen, especially when it’s a small room with small windows with small amount of natural light. What can you do to make it bright and inviting?

First of all, you can paint your kitchen in bright colors which can optically make it appear larger. Secondly, you can hang your curtains high and wide which can also make your kitchen look bigger and at the same time can introduce more light. Interesting idea is to hang mirrors which can reflect the natural light from the windows and boost the effect. Finally, remember to use up-to-date high qualities artificial light sources, like ceiling lamps or standing lamps in the corners. And remember to keep the kitchen lines and edges clearly cut and simple. Don’t clutter your kitchen with too many unnecessary decorative elements.

Light up kitchen – make granite countertop lightweight

Interesting element that can light up kitchen is a granite countertop. Although, at first sight granite countertop can appear heavy and solid, even to the point of overwhelming the whole kitchen, if chosen properly granite can appear lightweight and give off the light. Just imagine a bright granite countertop at the very center of your kitchen. It can be beige with star like grains underneath the seemingly uniform surface. The grains can wonderfully reflect the light, so when the sun rays touch the countertop the light is reflected and spread all over the kitchen. In this way on a sunny day granite countertop shines and becomes a source of light. The bright color, beige or any other shade of white or yellow, is a source of light as well.

Open plan kitchen

Open plan kitchen – modern solution

Open plan kitchen – in line with modernity

Open plan kitchen is a great idea if you have a small amount of space to use but it can also be even greater when there’s a lot of space to plan. Let’s consider the latter situation. Imagine old industrial building transformed into modern day apartment. You have a lot of space with some industrial elements left over, there are pipes or cables protruding from the ceiling, there’s a brick wall far away at the one end and there are these huge windows overlooking the city or the river bank. Choose whatever you like. No matter the details the general space is in line with modernity. The lines are clear cut and the edges clearly defined. The space is unhindered with unnecessary details or hidden nooks or corners. It’s easy to move from one end to another and easy to see what lies beyond. What are the possibilities for an open kitchen in such a space?

Open plan kitchen – possible ideas

First of all, think of creating light extension. You can use the huge windows for that purpose, arrange the kitchen appliances and cabinets at one end and extend its space right beneath the windows, place there a dining table or a kitchen island with accommodated working space. If that doesn’t bring enough light think of creating a roof filled with glass windows, uncovering the whole view and letting the light in. Another interesting idea for open plan kitchen is butcher’s block space extending the kitchen. Butcher’s block can serve as an area separating the kitchen from the rest of the rooms. You can use wood or natural stone to furnish it and then continue this design in further space, like in chest of drawers of your living room or bookshelf.

There are really many ideas how to arrange open plan kitchen. It all depends on the particulars of the available space and your personality. Yes, personality is the key when arranging spaces. After all, you will live in this space and you will need to feel comfortable there. Hence, think twice before you decide on following ready-made designs.

Granite kitchen sink

Granite kitchen sink

How to care for a granite kitchen sink?

It is possible to produce many different accessories and kitchen utensils from granite: worktops, floors and wall linings. That’s not all! Many companies produce kitchen sinks from granite, which are extremely robust, resistant and elegant. Of course, like every other product, they require appropriate care, which will keep them beautiful despite every day use. How to care for a granite kitchen sink so that it looks perfect for long time? We prepared several tips and useful advices!

Granite kitchen sink – how to use and care for it?

  • Wash the sink regularly, every evening in order to get rid of remaining food dirt and detergents. You can use an ordinary dishwashing liquid and a soft cloth. Remember to rinse the sink with warm water and wipe the walls dry with a soft cloth or paper towel. These actions will make the sink shiny and protect it from ugly streaks.
  • When you encounter more difficult dirt, you can try to remove it with a special cleaning milk. It is best if you buy a product for granite surfaces. If you decide to buy a different one, make sure it doesn’t contain abrasive substances, bleaches and acids. It is important if you don’t want scratches on your granite kitchen sink.
  • Bear in mind, that cleaning the sink with wire-brushes or harsh cloths can damage the surface. Choose sponges and cotton cloths instead.
  • You should protect the granite kitchen sink from becoming matte. You can remove the residue with a vinegar solution. You can also buy some special filters that remove iron and calcium from tap water.
  • In order to avoid permanent stains, substances such as wine, tea or beetroot juice should be removed as soon as possible and rinsed with water. If you react quickly, the pigment will not penetrate the structure of the material.
kitchen hobs

Kitchen hobs

Kitchen hobs – available types

Every housewife knows, that the kitchen simply doesn’t function without a kitchen hob. Currently there are different types of hobs available on the market. They have different power supply (electrical or gas), but that’s not the only difference. What kinds of kitchen hobs are available in sale? Here are some of our tips!

Kitchen hobs – an overview of available types

  1. Induction hobs – very elegant and increasingly popular. These products work really well in minimalist and modern interiors. They emit heat through electromagnetic induction. They require electric power supply. Their most important advantages are: safety, low-energy consumption, convenience of use, easiness to keep clean and shorter cooking time in comparison with other products. Unfortunately they are quite expensive, but its worth to pay more for high quality.
  1. Kitchen gas hobs – require gas. They have been increasingly popular for many years. No wonder, because the costs of using them are very low. Besides, they have an attractive appearance and come in affordable prices ( the range of prices is quite big so every client should find something for himself). Kitchen gas hobs may have different number of burners: two, three, four (most popular option) or even five. It is worth noting here, that the interior in which they will be mounted should be well-ventilated, because burning gas produces fumes.
  1. Electric plate kitchen hobs – devices equipped with intuitive mechanisms such as automatic power cut-off or sensors that turn the burner on when the pot is placed on the surface. They have electric burners consisting of heating plates made of cast iron. They are cheap and very simple to use. Unfortunately they are increasingly being replaced with induction or ceramic hobs.
  1. Ceramic hobs – are slowly conquering the market. It’s no surprise, because they look very modern and using them is pure pleasure. The device has a perfectly smooth surface with separate heating panels, which makes cleaning easier (there are no burners and tiny spaces in which the grease and dirt gather). They conduct the heat really well, are functional, have modern design and are very convenient to use.