Forest brown marble

Forest brown marble – enjoy the walk

Forest brown marble

Have you ever wondered why certain marble slabs are given particular names? The answer is really simple, marble slabs are given names that describe the colors. The names are there to make marble more attractive and evocative. They are there to get you inspired and make you play with home interiors and designs. Just think of the possibilities that marble colors like pure pearl, midday sky, cappuccino or jungle forest offer. The color in itself may not be enough to make you buy it or think of possible arrangement. But the name that is proper and imaginative can boost your creativity and give you an idea on how to arrange your space and make it unique. Hence, there are the names. And their role can’t be underestimated. Think only of below example and enjoy the way it works on your imagination.

Forest brown marble. Hear the word. But truly hear the word. Take a moment to let the name sink in. Take your time, don’t rush things. It’s important to be careful with words. Always. Even it’s just a kind of creative play on your imagination. Now. Do you get it? What can you see? Is it marble with intense brown shade, not regular? Here and there it’s damaged, darker and looking old. Other parts look younger, they are brighter and more uniform. There is a visible veining slithering underneath. Something like really dark snake going through undergrowth, like a trace of splinter underneath your skin. Imagine the sun rays bouncing off the darker parts, a little scared of what’s there and gently touching the brighter parts giving off its warmth to keep them alive. That’s the forest brown marble. But only it’s one embodiment, created by one imagination. Use your own to find a new image and walk your path.

Forest brown marble – get in the woods

Immerse yourself in the forest brown marble (see more here www.) Don’t be afraid to take a step and walk deep into the woods. Silently awaiting your arrival. If you truly decide on taking that trip be sure to be properly equipped. You don’t want to wander endlessly through the forest paths, with no direction and chaos all around you. Simply, choose the suitable walls and furniture to guide you on your trip.

Garden marble statues

Garden marble statues – draw your guests’ eyes

Garden marble statues – where you can find them

Marble has been long known as a royal stone. It’s frequently associated with majestic temples from the ancient times or astounding halls in well-off people’s houses. Marble is powerful and classy. It gives the spaces a  touch of elegance which no other material can provide. No wonder it’s still frequently used to furnish houses and interiors of office building or corporational spaces. Marble is the king. All the rest just serves as background against which marble can truly shine. Yet, marble is not only about sleek interiors, it can be successfully used outside. It doesn’t concern only marble outdoor stairs or park fountains. It’s also about marble statues.

Marble statues a way to enliven you garden

Garden marble statues don’t only refer to ancient overwhelming statues which we can still admire in the halls of modern museums or in the remaining ancient temples or corridors (see more here www.) There is a lot of examples of contemporary marble statues. You can find a lot of examples in online or stationary stores offers. There are many types of statues. You can choose from classy and vintage ones which are based on the ancient sculptures. There are gods and goddess that you can easily buy and put up somewhere in your modern day garden. Imagine, a two meter high Poseidon calming the waves in your garden pond. Or have Apollo play on his magical harp to make your evening brighter.

If ancient gods aren’t really your thing there is also a rich offer of modern statues. There is a multiplicity of types, sizes and ideas. For example you can choose from funny animals. Just put a leaping dog in the center of your lawn and throw a ball. See if it can catch it. If you prefer sweet kittens let’s choose a little kitten family and arrange them all around your garden. Still, there are many other ideas that you can consider. One thing, however is certain, if you have garden marble statues in your garden they can truly set your garden off and make it one of a kind. Don’t forget about the air of royalty and touch of classy elegance. Make your garden a king’s garden.

Marble caverns

Marble caverns

Marble in nature

Marble is a natural metamorphic rock. It’s created in the process of metamorphosis of limestone or dolomite rocks. In this process a beautiful, uniquely coloured rock with eye catching veining is created. Different colors of marble are an effect of other minerals present during the metamorphosis process. Marble in nature can be found in large quantities, it’s very thick and present in a lot geographical places among the world. In European countries you can find marble deposits in among others Italy, Spain, Greece, Romania, Sweden and Germany. It’s also present in the USA, Asia and other places as well.

Marble caverns

Throughout the world there is a lot beautiful marble caverns and caves. But there is one special which often appears high in all kinds of the best world caverns ranks. The Marble Caves in Chile are a stunning example of marble natural formation. They were formed over 6000 years ago by the waves of the surrounding lake. The constant crash of the waves formed astounding structures in the originally solid marble deposit. The beautiful shades of blue are the reflections of the azure colour of the lake. The play of the hues is an extraordinary breathtaking view. The shades are in constant motion due to the waves movement. The caves can be accessed only by the boat and with local operating guides. The weather conditions can make the trip impossible. This is only one but certainly unique example of marble caverns in the world. Still, there may be more undergoing the process of formation, yet to be discovered.

Future of marble deposits

The people are sure to protect natural example of marble structures like the Marble Caves in Chile. Only the natural forces can be hindrance here. And mostly unstoppable one. However, what is the future of other marble caverns and queries. Are the marble deposits in any danger? Will they end some day? And the people will be left out with a few protected nature formations and ancient monuments? Marble deposits are exploited in quarries. There is multiplicity of them throughout the world. The deposits are mostly rich, and when the quarry runs out of the stone there is huge possibility that somewhere nearby a new deposit will be found. There are many sources to be yet found throughout the world. We are not at immediate danger of running out of marble. It is however estimated that huge source of highly valued marble in Carrera may run out in 1000 yeas. Don’t fret, some say that the world itself will end before these sources. Marble is a common stone, when old deposits run out new ones appear therefore, now it seems there is nothing to be concerned.

Composite worktops

Composite worktops

Composite worktops – info in a nutshell

Workspace in the kitchen should be durable and resistant to mechanical damage. It is worth using robust, high quality materials. Stone and the lately popular composite are such materials. What are composite worktops and why are they better than other products? We’re explaining this in the further part of this article.

Composite worktops – general characteristics and main features

  • Composite is a material obtained from ground rocks (most often from aluminum hydroxide), binder such as acrylic resin and pigments, which allow for obtaining any colour (many companies offer over 70 shades).
  • The material for composite worktops is liquid. It is thermoplastic, so any form and shape can be applied to it. This is of great importance in cases when the design of the interior is not typical.
  • Composite worktops are light. The installation doesn’t require reinforcement of the cabinets and is much easier that the installation of stone worktops. Composite worktops are nice and warm to touch, because they are the same temperature as the interior, in which they have been installed.
  • Perfectly smooth surface of composite worktops makes them highly hygienic and easy to keep clean. Dirt doesn’t adhere to their surface and the compact structure reduces the risk of permanent stains that are hard to clean. Composite worktops are resistant to moisture too, and this is very important in spaces such as kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Composite worktops can be renovated. Unfortunately, they are more prone to scratches than stone worktops, but much more resistant than marble or wood. However once you notice some scratches, you’ve got nothing to worry about, because they can be simply and easily removed. The top layer has to be grinded and polished again and the worktop will regain its shine and flawless appearance.
  • Unfortunately, composite worktops do not tolerate high temperatures, so direct contact with hot kitchenware should be avoided. If you disregard this precaution, the worktop may crack and unaesthetic bulges may appear on its surface.
  • The last thing we want to mention is the price. Composite worktops are very expensive. In some cases their price exceeds the price of stone worktops. However, it is worth to buy them because it is an investment for many years to come and the elegant look is a fair reward for the expense!