Granite uses

Granite uses – how a rock can boost your creativity

Granite – what is it

Granite is a metamorphic rock made from magma. It is densely grained and pretty hard. It is known for its durability and resistance to scratches and impacts. It comes in a variety of colours, which is not so typical of other natural stones. It’s natural so you won’t find two identical slabs – each is uniquely coloured. Brazil is granite’s main supplier shipping the material all over the world.

Granite uses – on the traditional side

Traditionally granite uses are associated with building and construction. Throughout history people used granite to make houses, temples, floors, bridges, pavements, gravestones etc. You can see granite almost everywhere in the world, just walk out on the street and see if the walls around are granite. Today granite uses are still connected with architecture and design (learn more here www) You can find granite in the bathroom and kitchen worktops, floors, tiling and multiplicity of outdoor construction as well.

Granite – on the creative side

There is more to granite than common building and construction applications. Whereas, it is highly popular in these areas it can be also used differently. Forget about gravestones as well. Think of unusual sculptures that can be made of granite. Although, granite isn’t as soft as marble it still can be artistically sculpted. Computer assisted tools can help to shape this rock as you will. What about granite medallions and jewellery in general? Think of the granite’s unique colours and densely grained structure – how wonderfully it may look as a stone in the ring or locket? Granite can be also creatively used in all kinds of accessories. Imagine little pieces of granite intertwined in various garment elements. These are just a few granite uses on its more creative side, if you are interested you can check out a variety of gaining popularity now stores and galleries offering hand made products.

Granite – what is there for you

How many times have you heard the word granite? And how many times have you given it some time to think about? Probably granite wasn’t a word of inspiration. That’s a pity because there is a lot of power in this rock. Maybe deep down you are an artistic soul, let’s use granite as your working material, as you now know there are variety of its uses. Maybe granite slab can inspire you to get into architecture and design? And this doesn’t have to be necessarily limited to designing bathroom or kitchen worktops. Consider the wide possibilities of tiling. Use the rock as an inspiration directly from the nature and start creating.


What harms a granite worktop?

What harms a granite worktop?
Worktops made from granite are a solution which will be loved by every person who spends a lot of time in their kitchen. We no longer need cutting boards – as we can successfully cut directly on the worktop, because even very sharp knives will not cause the worktop harm. Of course, if our main goal is to damage the worktop, for example with a hammer or any other kind of powerful tool, we can indeed damage it, but it is unlikely that we will unwillingly damage the worktop during everyday use. Continue reading  


Why choose a granite worktop?

They are elegant, modern in design and have an excellent durability. Those are the most important qualities of granite – it is a raw material, which will have an established presence in our homes, and will not only be a great decoration, but a significant piece of material which will be used for a lifetime, and not only as a worktop in our kitchen. However, one cannot deny that this material isn’t expensive – although the great advantage of this material is that it fits almost everywhere. Continue reading