Composite worktops

Composite worktops

Composite worktops – info in a nutshell

Workspace in the kitchen should be durable and resistant to mechanical damage. It is worth using robust, high quality materials. Stone and the lately popular composite are such materials. What are composite worktops and why are they better than other products? We’re explaining this in the further part of this article.

Composite worktops – general characteristics and main features

  • Composite is a material obtained from ground rocks (most often from aluminum hydroxide), binder such as acrylic resin and pigments, which allow for obtaining any colour (many companies offer over 70 shades).
  • The material for composite worktops is liquid. It is thermoplastic, so any form and shape can be applied to it. This is of great importance in cases when the design of the interior is not typical.
  • Composite worktops are light. The installation doesn’t require reinforcement of the cabinets and is much easier that the installation of stone worktops. Composite worktops are nice and warm to touch, because they are the same temperature as the interior, in which they have been installed.
  • Perfectly smooth surface of composite worktops makes them highly hygienic and easy to keep clean. Dirt doesn’t adhere to their surface and the compact structure reduces the risk of permanent stains that are hard to clean. Composite worktops are resistant to moisture too, and this is very important in spaces such as kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Composite worktops can be renovated. Unfortunately, they are more prone to scratches than stone worktops, but much more resistant than marble or wood. However once you notice some scratches, you’ve got nothing to worry about, because they can be simply and easily removed. The top layer has to be grinded and polished again and the worktop will regain its shine and flawless appearance.
  • Unfortunately, composite worktops do not tolerate high temperatures, so direct contact with hot kitchenware should be avoided. If you disregard this precaution, the worktop may crack and unaesthetic bulges may appear on its surface.
  • The last thing we want to mention is the price. Composite worktops are very expensive. In some cases their price exceeds the price of stone worktops. However, it is worth to buy them because it is an investment for many years to come and the elegant look is a fair reward for the expense!
Granite worktops London

Granite worktops London

Granite worktops London – instructions for the installation

Stone worktops can either be attached to the wall or mounted onto kitchen cabinets. The second solution is more frequently practiced. Their assembly and general installation is usually performed by a professional stone company, however, if you have the manpower and skills of your own then nothing stops you from installing them yourself. You just need to know how to execute this process. Therefore, we have prepared a short instruction article for you, from which you will learn how to permanently attach the London granite kitchen worktops, ensuring that they have a long and excellent effect. Details can be found below.

Installation of granite worktops London – instructions

  • The first thing you need to do, is check the surface and its level, making sure that its fairly even, preferably by using a spirit level. If there is any uneven edges, they need to be immediately fixed.
  • The next step should involve you proceeding to attach the worktop/s to the cabinets using one of the three processes: The first one consists of installing the worktop on each of the corners, both internal and external, but you have to remember to keep a distance of no more than 10 cm from the edge of the worktop. Furthermore, the spacing ‘join’ between each piece of the worktops cannot be greater than 1mm. The second way is based on the attaching the worktop with special glues and screws to the previously prepared base counter. The stone slabs must be applied to it using the universal and very strong glue. Lastly, the last process of attaching the London granite worktops to the cabinets involves a direct gluing of the granite to the old worktops which were either wooden or laminated. Of course, once again, this installation requires the use of a very strong glue.
  • The next step involves actually making of the joins, however this must be proceeded by the use of a milling machine to prepare the edges. After agreeing where the join should be, you have to determine where to place the special epoxy glue to fill the gaps.
  • Then comes the time to remove any excess glue from the surface with a 150/180 grained sandpaper. Carrying out this procedure will of course make the glue almost invisible, and will make sure that the two joined worktop pieces are bined perfectly. Of course, before attempting to connect any pieces, you need to make sure that they are clean and thoroughly degreased, but above all make sure that they do not have any extra coating or stains, as this could disturb the entire, time consuming, process.
  • When connecting the worktops, you need to ensure that they are perfectly stabilised and they are not vulnerable to any movement. This is why the professional installers often secure the worktop structure from below with special little pieces of stone which are glued onto the wall directly under the mounted worktop. Once all the pieces have been fully mounted and finished, you need to make sure that all the edges are once again secured with glue and once that is dry covered with additional silicone strips. Bear in mind that granite kitchen worktops London look best if all edges are almost invisible and form a straight, even line. All joins need to be perfectly executed in order to stop dirt and bacteria from getting in between the cracks and spaces.

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Both of these materials are beautiful and practical for any kitchen. By writing this article, we would like to help all customers who are going to change something in their kitchens, and those changes are about the purchase of new countertops, but they cannot decide whether granite or quartz is more suitable for them. Both stones are very popular and commonly used, but we want to settle the question of what stone you should buy. Continue reading