Bathroom furnishing

Bathroom furnishing – ideas

Bathroom furnishing – practical information

Bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s important due to its obvious functionalities, but also because of the aesthetics and the kind of relaxing and soothing atmosphere it can provide. Simply imagine a warm bath in a room filled with aromatic scents and filled with aesthetically pleasing furnishing. Hence, bathroom is both about comfort and relax, but also about practical use. One of the things that can make it really happen is bathroom furnishing.

When deciding on buying bathroom furniture you need to be very careful. Bathroom must be practical, but this practicality can’t overwhelm bathroom’s aesthetic look. Think for example about color scheme and small decorative elements which should find their place in every nicely decorated bathroom. Good idea is to have a few small plants that can make otherwise sterile bathroom’s appearance more lively and give it an air of refreshment. Yet, there can’t be too many decorations. After all, you want to avoid unnecessary clutter.

Bathroom furnishing – creative ideas

Creative ideas when it comes to bathroom furnishing can involve colors. If you decide on coordinating color scheme you can make your bathroom truly stunning. Just think of using different shades of white. You can start with sterile white of all the necessary appliances, then continue with a shade darker greyish white furnishing like laundry baskets or baskets for cosmetics, and end up with darker grey shelves and lamps. Yet, bathroom furnishing doesn’t have be of one color or even style. Sometimes it’s a good idea to mix traditional furniture with modern one and find a way to express your individual style.

Still, this kind of arrangement must be very carefully planned so that you don’t overdo it. It’s easy to clutter your space and get lost in the process. Hence, if  you’re not really sure of your abilities in design and space organization it may be better to ask professionals for help. You can find  a lot of agencies and designers online who can easily offer you help.

Marble zebra

Marble zebra – discover grasslands

Marble zebra – qualities

Marble is a truly unique natural stone. It finds a lot of applications in all areas of human activities. For example you can find traces of marble throughout the history in ancient temples, middle ages streets or baroque chambers’ interiors. Nowadays is no different. Marble is still present in our lives. Just think of marble kitchen countertops, bathroom worktops, table toppings or all kinds of decorative elements. Marble is not only about interiors. There are also outdoor elements that can be made of marble. Just think of marble statues, columns or fountains inspired by ancient monuments. Interestingly, all these applications are possible due to marble outstanding qualities.

Marble is first of all very durable. You can’t easily scratch or damage it. It withstands severe weather conditions like temperature fluctuations, wind and rains. Apart from that marble doesn’t easily absorb liquids and is bacteria free. All these practical aspects of marble are really important but let’s not forget about marble stunning beauty. Just one look and you can see that marble with its unique veining is a wonderful rock that makes all the interiors and outdoor structures eye-catching and beckoning.

Marble zebra – enjoy the grasslands

Marble zebra can refer to two things. First of all, if you have a lot of fantasy and imagination feeds your creativity you can imagine a structure or a monument made of marble and looking like a zebra. Zebra shaped statue can have different size, it can serve as an outdoor element that makes your garden unusual or it can be just a small figure that stands on your desk. The other idea for marble zebra is the color. Marble zebra is a slab which has a unusual mix between black and white, which at times takes the shape of black and white stripes. This unusual pattern makes this particular slab look like a zebra skin. Only imagine, blurring lines of black and white, a wonderful interplay of color that inevitable draws attentions and makes you think of zebra. From this is just a short step to have your kitchen furnished and enjoy the grasslands.

Tools for stone processing

Tools for stone processing

It is not only about the chisel – several words about tools for stone processing

The stone may remain untouched and be appreciated for its naturalness, while it decorates a meadow or a garden. However, many types of stones are subjected to processing and their shape and purpose are changed.

Tools for stone processing – types

Among tools for stone processing we can distinguish: Velcro polishing pads, grinding wheels for marble/granite, various diamond wheels, end milling cutters, machine and hand hole saws, profile cutters for centres and edge profilers, handles for Velcro polishing pads (soft and hard), tools for engraving on manually operated machines or other non-standard custom made tools.

Tools for stone processing – polishing

If we want to obtain a nice effect, the stone needs to be polished. Smooth surface often requires a long polishing process. This enables production of a good product, which is eligible for sale. Polishing is performed with such tools for stone processing as Velcro polishing pads. They operate on the principle of abrasive wheel attached to a drill. The drill set in motion causes the Velcro pad to move. The surfaces of the Velcro pad make the stone’s surface smooth. This technological process can be performed in both wet and dry conditions. The level of humidity depends on the type of stone and its susceptibility to processing.

Holes and tools for stone processing

Producing cuts and holes in stone is not a problem for a qualified craftsman. He can use special tools for stone processing such as milling cutters. Owing to their specificity it is possible to make holes and drillings in the stone, and at the same time to preserve its uniform structure. During such operation the stone doesn’t crack. This technology is an incredibly important solution during the creation of various complicated constructions or during installation of stone elements. It is not always possible to install the stone using the method of putting subsequent elements of stone on top of the other in order to attach the previous part.

Stone engraving

Making inscriptions on the stone also requires the use of tools for stone processing. This option is especially important in stonemasonry companies, which specialize in the production of headstones. Often times the clients, apart from traditional letters, order sketches or images, so it is very important to have access to appropriate tools. All headstones are made of stone and using chisel has become a thing of the past!

Natural stone worktops

Natural stone worktops

Natural stone worktops – where lies their beauty?

Natural stone has been well established in kitchens and bathrooms. In most of the cases it is used for worktops, There is nothing strange about that, because it has extraordinary technical parameters and looks great. Where lies the beauty of natural stone worktops? You’ll find out in this article!

Natural stone worktops – what makes them unique?

    • Universality and timeless beauty – stone worktops suit each and every décor. They are ideal for both modern and traditional interior design. They look really well combined with simple and stylized furniture. Besides, they offer unlimited arrangement possibilities. They are luxurious, noble and elegant. They are a perfect decorative element for every interior.
    • Richness of colours – stones such as granite or marble come in variety of colours. Within the colour palette there are both light and dark colours, so every client may choose a shade that will suit his taste and the décor of his interior.
    • Uniqueness – natural stone worktops are unique. They are not an effect of mass production, but emerge as an effect of the processing of a natural material. Stone layers are shaped by processes occurring beneath the earth, so it is impossible to find two identical blocks. Therefore, it is also impossible to make two identical worktops. The blocks differ slightly from each other and this makes them absolutely unique.
    • Extraordinary durability – stone is probably the hardest of all materials used for kitchen and bathroom worktops. Unless it is hit with a heavy object with great power, it is very resistant to scratches and cracks. Unfortunately, hardness makes the stone difficult to process, but masonry companies have access to equipment and technologies that facilitate this process.
    • High hygienic safety – Compact structure of the stone and polished surface guarantee high hygienic safety and make it impossible for the bacteria to penetrate the structure of the material. Stains and dirt remain on the surface and it is easy to get rid of them. Simply do not let them dry. Liquids do not penetrate the surface of natural stone worktops, so the coffee that you spilled accidentally will not leave permanent stains!
    • High resistance to damage – Natural stone, especially granite, is extremely resistant to mechanical damage and atmospheric conditions. It endures both high and low temperatures. It is resistant to discolourations, scratches and defects, but you should remember to avoid cleaning with rough sponges and cutting the products directly on the surface.

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