Granite workshop

Granite workshop – see how it works

Granite workshop – live work

Today it’s very common to have your house furnished with granite elements. Think for example of bathroom furnished with granite worktop or kitchen equipped with granite countertop. These are just the very obvious examples, but there’s really so much more that you can do with granite. Think for example of such things like: granite stairs, granite flooring, granite wall cladding or smaller rather decorative elements like: granite mirror frames, granite table toppings or figurines or other granite decorations. There are so many possibilities that it’s simply impossible to name them all. Interestingly, in today’s times with highly advanced technology you can do really everything with granite. The only limit is your imagination and sometimes supplies.

If you’re interested in the way granite home interior elements come to life you can decide on a visit in of granite workshops. Granite deposits are found all over the world, there’s quite a lot of them in the United States or Canada. No matter the deposit location granite workshops can be found almost in every place, in bigger and smaller cities. In the UK there are many granite workshops that you can easily visit and see for yourself how granite slabs become worktops, countertops and other. Visiting granite workshop is especially good idea if you’re thinking of furnishing your house, bathroom or kitchen with granite worktop. Where can you find these workshops and what can you see there?

Granite workshop – practical information

You can check nearby granite workshops online. Most of them are listed somewhere on the internet or have their own websites. Just take some time, decide on interesting you location and type your query into search box. When you come up with results and find location that interest you go and visit. Visiting a given granite workshop doesn’t mean you must make a purchase there. You can just go there and get information. What practical information can you get there? For example, as workshop are usually places where a given manufacturing process really takes place, you can ask if it’s possible to see granite manufacturers at work. This can be a great fun and lesson to see how granite slabs are processed. Even if it’s actually impossible to have access to the manufacturing line you can maybe just have a look how granite slabs are stacked or prepared for transportation etc. No matter the range of processes that you actually see there, you can always have a look at granite displays or possible arrangements or final products.

Stone in the kitchen

Stone in the kitchen

Stone in the kitchen – possible applications

When it comes to our interiors, natural stone is here to stay! This is good news because it looks noble, elegant and luxurious. It looks really well in a living room, bathroom, in a hall and first and foremost in the kitchen! It can be used in different ways and for finishing various surfaces. How to use stone in the kitchen? Here are our ideas!

Stone in the kitchen – application proposals

  1. Flooring.
    Stone floor is the most popular and safest solution. It is durable, easy to keep clean, resistant to scratches and stains. In other words it is indestructible! It looks really well in both modern and traditional interiors. Dark floor perfectly corresponds with contrasting light furniture, and lighter one brightens up the interior. It makes a harmonious duo with almost every material. Wood, metal, glass – whatever you choose, it will surely look nice with your stone floor.
  2. Wall.
    Stone in the kitchen can be used for protecting the wall from stains or for covering the existing scratches or stains. It works best in a space between lower and upper cabinets. Stone tiles do not absorb moisture, are resistant to high temperatures and fire, so you can install them next to the sink or cooker. Their perfectly smooth surface makes them fairly easy to clean – you only have to wipe them with a moist cloth and you’re ready to go.
  3. Worktop.
    Are you dreaming of a durable and hygienic worktop, which will last for ages? Choose stone! This material has perfect technical parameters. It is difficult to destroy and this is undoubtedly an advantage. Moreover, the polished surface will bring a luxurious and modern look into your kitchen. The cleaning and care are simple, so it is an ideal solution.
  4. Kitchen accessories.
    This is our last idea for using stone in the kitchen. Some of you may be surprised that it can be used for producing kitchen accessories. What we are referring to are chopping boards, knife sharpeners, mortars or baking stones. The stone doesn’t wear off, is not susceptible to damage, it is durable, warms up fast and accumulates heat. All these advantages make it a perfect material for producing kitchen accessories.