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Bathroom worktop – a few ideas how to set it off

Bathroom worktop – things to consider before installation

Furnishing bathroom requires special attention. Other spaces in your house are usually not so demanding (maybe except kitchen) in terms of installation, facilities and practicality. When deciding on remodelling bathroom usually it’s a long time investment. You certainly don’t want to renovate it each season – how impractical and tiresome that may be. After you decide on the quality and design of bathroom facilities, you need to consider bathroom worktop as well. This can be a lasting investment which can truly set your bathroom off. Important things here are: first of all the material, then design and finally practicality of all these combined.

Bathroom worktop – tips how to choose the best material

The market is full of offers. They range from cheap, self assembly materials to luxurious and expensive natural stones and engineered surfaces. Whereas, they all have useful qualities you must focus on your needs. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed and sift aimlessly through this multitude. Let’s be practical. Bathroom needs the material that is durable, resistant to the factors you typically encounter there, that is heat and moist and finally also attractive. Interestingly, in case of bathroom worktop it’s worth to invest a little more money. In the long run you can have a return on your investment (for example when you want to sell) and solid material can guarantee years of comfortable usage. Most common bathroom worktop materials are quartz, marble and granite. If you are looking for company offering such worktops visit pmgranite.co.uk

Granite, marble and quartz worktops – which is the best

All of these materials have both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s examine them one at a time. Granite is a natural densely grained rock. It is known for its high durability since it’s very hard and almost impossible to scratch. It comes in a range of colours. You won’t find two identical slabs. Whereas, it stands for uniqueness and solidity it’s important to note its rather low liquid resistance, be careful to immediately wipe the liquids dry. Marble with its unique colours and veining can give your bathroom a royal classy air. It’s good to remember that it’s softer than granite and more susceptible to impacts. Finally, quartz which may the best choice since it’s highly durable and both heat and moist resistant. Hence it’s an engineered stone and not natural colour is not the limit.
How to use details for allure
Furnishing your bathroom with worktop is not really your thing? Consider adding a few elements that might brighten up the interior. What about marble frame of the mirror, or a quartz headboard behind the bath, or a granite element of the facet? Be creative, don’t limit yourself to standard projects, ask around and jazz up your bathroom for real!

Mateusz Stanaszek
Mateusz Stanaszek
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