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Dekton Kitchen Worktops – Discover the new collection of ultra-compact kitchen surfaces

Dekton Kitchen Worktops – All you need to know regarding this superb, contemporary product!

Dekton Kitchen Worktops by Cosentino is an ultra-compact surface to be used both indoors and outdoors. Elegant appearance and advanced technical properties are just some of the advantages of these finishing materials. A new collection, Dekton Stonika, has just appeared on the market, along with interesting decorative patterns based on modern production technology.Dekton kitchen worktops

Is the Stonika Collection worth inspecting?

When we think about modern, elegant kitchen arrangements, we have the impression that there should be a stone in it. A stone worktop is not only an investment in a solid solution that will serve us for years – it is also aesthetics at the highest level. Dekton Kitchen Worktops, especially the ones from the Stonika collection are a tribute to this timeless beauty – four new colours of ultra-compact surfaces were inspired by natural stones. The use of modern technologies in the production process allowed us to obtain a material that resembles what was created by mother nature. The patterns so characteristic of natural stone in the new Dekton Stonika collection are more expressive and realistic, with a shine that adds sophistication to the surface. The material is extremely resistant to impact, mechanical damage and high temperatures – that is, it has features for which we value natural stone so much.
Dekton kitchen worktops and their ultra-compact surfaces are very well described in the hereby article. From Polish Granite’s thorough article we gather that Dekton kitchen worktops are a mixture of glass, quartz and porcelain. Its molecules are sintered, which is an accelerated process of metamorphic transformations that take place in nature over several thousand years. The material obtained is easy to maintain cleanliness and durable enough to serve us unchanged for many years. This makes it suitable not only for kitchens as worktops, but also for wall and floor cladding, finishing of building facades, stairs and bathrooms – both indoors and outdoors, as well as on residential and commercial buildings. Read more on my other blog regarding Dekton kitchen worktops.

The Dekton Stonika collection consists of four unique colours:

  • Olimpo was inspired by the Carrara marble, which is very much appreciated by people who attach great importance to the quality of finishing materials. The subtle elegance of grey veining on a white background is accentuated by the gloss.
  • Bergen is a reference to the natural stone Portobello – it is more expressive than Olimpo and has an incredible depth.
  • Arga is a tribute to the quartzite Taj Mahal. This extremely warm and pleasant color will create a beautiful composition with wood – both materials will emphasize each other’s beauty.
  • Korso is a proposal for those who prefer darker colours, referring to marble by Gris Pulpis.


My conclusion and last thoughts

Dekton Stonika is a collection of ultra-compact surfaces with which you can create a unique kitchen arrangement – in line with the latest trends in interior design. This material will be used to finish off the kitchen island, as a worktop, and will also replace traditional wall tiles above the worktop. The use of the same surface in several places in the kitchen will make the arrangement extremely coherent..Dekton kitchen worktops

Mateusz Stanaszek
Mateusz Stanaszek
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