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Forest brown marble – enjoy the walk

Forest brown marble

Have you ever wondered why certain marble slabs are given particular names? The answer is really simple, marble slabs are given names that describe the colors. The names are there to make marble more attractive and evocative. They are there to get you inspired and make you play with home interiors and designs. Just think of the possibilities that marble colors like pure pearl, midday sky, cappuccino or jungle forest offer. The color in itself may not be enough to make you buy it or think of possible arrangement. But the name that is proper and imaginative can boost your creativity and give you an idea on how to arrange your space and make it unique. Hence, there are the names. And their role can’t be underestimated. Think only of below example and enjoy the way it works on your imagination.

Forest brown marble. Hear the word. But truly hear the word. Take a moment to let the name sink in. Take your time, don’t rush things. It’s important to be careful with words. Always. Even it’s just a kind of creative play on your imagination. Now. Do you get it? What can you see? Is it marble with intense brown shade, not regular? Here and there it’s damaged, darker and looking old. Other parts look younger, they are brighter and more uniform. There is a visible veining slithering underneath. Something like really dark snake going through undergrowth, like a trace of splinter underneath your skin. Imagine the sun rays bouncing off the darker parts, a little scared of what’s there and gently touching the brighter parts giving off its warmth to keep them alive. That’s the forest brown marble. But only it’s one embodiment, created by one imagination. Use your own to find a new image and walk your path.

Forest brown marble – get in the woods

Immerse yourself in the forest brown marble (see more here www.) Don’t be afraid to take a step and walk deep into the woods. Silently awaiting your arrival. If you truly decide on taking that trip be sure to be properly equipped. You don’t want to wander endlessly through the forest paths, with no direction and chaos all around you. Simply, choose the suitable walls and furniture to guide you on your trip.

Mateusz Stanaszek
Mateusz Stanaszek
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