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Granite worktops – what you need to keep in mind when ordering them?

Granite worktops have been increasingly used in the interiors. Because of their durability, and rich colours, they are great for kitchens and bathrooms, and their adaptation to modern or more traditional arrangement is not an issue. The process of ordering is very easy – just contact a stone related company and give them all the information that is essential for them in order to properly execute an installation. What do you need to keep in mind when ordering a granite worktop and about which issues do you need to let your contractor know of? You will learn everything in the rest of the article, so we invite you to read on.

Granite worktops – the information that you need to specify when ordering

  1. Colour – as if this isn’t obvious enough, indeed choosing the colour of the granite is vital. A lot of customers that place an order forget to provide information about colour, or are very vague with the details. You should carefully specify the shade of the stone and give its name. It is best to check in advance on the website of the stone supplier whether they have the colour in stock, and if there is no place on the website to find this information, it is best to contact the supplier, making sure that the colour is in stock, and if not an order has been placed. Furthermore, if the head office is not too far away from where you live, you can visit the main workshop of the company and ask them to provide you samples. Seeing the shades of natural stone in real life makes a massive change, providing you confidence that the granite worktop you are choosing will look as you wished.
  2. Measurements – Another important issue is the size. You have to very carefully measure the length and width of the worktop, taking into account the surface of the furniture’s and all household appliances, which will be placed in the vicinity. Measurements must be very precise to avoid possible problems during installation. It is best to use professional help for this and even ask the company which will install the worktops to send their employees to help get the appropriate measurements. During the visit they will determine the exact position of the worktops, and will prepare the place, thoroughly measuring the cabinets so that they are aligned to the rear of the worktop. It is very important that these cabinets are not adjusted after all measurements have been taken, as this can disturb the entire installation.
  3. The shape of the worktop – when ordering a worktop, it is necessary to also specify the shape we desire our worktop to have. It would be the best idea to make a simple sketch, noting where you want your worktop to be cut or extended, for example giving it a semi-circular or concave shape. You can then send it to the company that will implement the order. Finally you should consult your idea with professionals and learn whether its execution is even possible, and if not you can ask for other suggestions or recommendations.
  4. Finish – obviously a company that will install the granite worktops for you should also provide you details of their finishes. This means determining whether the surfaces of the worktops should be matted, polished etc. Same goes for the edges of the worktops. You can do this by identifying the profile. In terms of the choice, you have several of them, but the most popular are: phase, phase rounded collar and quarter round.
  5. Sink/hob holes – the last, very important issue is to determine the places where the sink and hob will be installed. If you let the stone company know, they will be able to know where to cut out the holes, what their length and width should be and of course their shape. For this, it is worth to rely on professionals, as the cutting out of the holes requires the use of suitable equipment, which only professional stone companies have. So do not tempt yourself with saving up, especially if you care about having a beautiful granite worktop that can be a great decoration for your interior, delighting it with strength and durability.

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Mateusz Stanaszek
Mateusz Stanaszek
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