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Imperial red granite – welcome the royal air

Imperial grey granite – enjoy the royalty

Natural stones are in fashion now when it comes to furnishing home interiors. It doesn’t really surprise since they are known for their high qualities, durability and resistance to many harmful factors, such as heat, moist, humidity, impacts or scratches. Not to forget about their amazing beauty and inner power. Although, at first sight it may seem that marble is the stone which should bring a touch of royalty to your homes, from the very beginning of humankind creations marble was used as a building material for royal palaces and temples, granite can fill this role as well. Especially, when you choose the right color. Just think of furnishing your house with imperial red granite kitchen countertop. Does it seem like a good idea to decide on this bold color? Of course, if only you remember to have it properly fitted and surrounded with matching cabinets and appliances.

Imperial grey granite – combine magnificent history with powerful modernity

If you’re having trouble imagining imperial red granite in your kitchen just read on to get the feeling. First of all, imperial red granite is a really  intense color, red as blood with shiny grains and slithering veining going underneath. It’s not a uniform color so be careful with arranging your kitchen. Bloody red color with a historical reminiscence of royal temples and statues of emperors and queens requires a modern air of simplicity and order to be effective. Place the countertop in the very center of your kitchen and surround it with milky cabinets and unobtrusive appliances (best if hidden within the cabinets) Make the countertop the very center of your kitchen. Let it truly shine and give off the ancient touch of magnificence and the unusual allure of royalty. Be bold and don’t be afraid. The power will be safely subdued with modern clean cut lines and careful organization of space. Finally, just imagine a tasty meal with your family prepared or even eaten at thus fitted countertop? Can you truly feel powerful and mighty like the emperors long lost in history?

Mateusz Stanaszek
Mateusz Stanaszek
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