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Marble zebra – discover grasslands

Marble zebra – qualities

Marble is a truly unique natural stone. It finds a lot of applications in all areas of human activities. For example you can find traces of marble throughout the history in ancient temples, middle ages streets or baroque chambers’ interiors. Nowadays is no different. Marble is still present in our lives. Just think of marble kitchen countertops, bathroom worktops, table toppings or all kinds of decorative elements. Marble is not only about interiors. There are also outdoor elements that can be made of marble. Just think of marble statues, columns or fountains inspired by ancient monuments. Interestingly, all these applications are possible due to marble outstanding qualities.

Marble is first of all very durable. You can’t easily scratch or damage it. It withstands severe weather conditions like temperature fluctuations, wind and rains. Apart from that marble doesn’t easily absorb liquids and is bacteria free. All these practical aspects of marble are really important but let’s not forget about marble stunning beauty. Just one look and you can see that marble with its unique veining is a wonderful rock that makes all the interiors and outdoor structures eye-catching and beckoning.

Marble zebra – enjoy the grasslands

Marble zebra can refer to two things. First of all, if you have a lot of fantasy and imagination feeds your creativity you can imagine a structure or a monument made of marble and looking like a zebra. Zebra shaped statue can have different size, it can serve as an outdoor element that makes your garden unusual or it can be just a small figure that stands on your desk. The other idea for marble zebra is the color. Marble zebra is a slab which has a unusual mix between black and white, which at times takes the shape of black and white stripes. This unusual pattern makes this particular slab look like a zebra skin. Only imagine, blurring lines of black and white, a wonderful interplay of color that inevitable draws attentions and makes you think of zebra. From this is just a short step to have your kitchen furnished and enjoy the grasslands.

Mateusz Stanaszek
Mateusz Stanaszek
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