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Modern kitchen – tips on furnishing

Are you dreaming of a modern kitchen but don’t know how to furnish it? It’s fairly simple! You only have to consider several aspects that are crucial for this style. Moreover, in the article we’ve prepared, you will find many important tips, helpful you in creating a stylish and elegant modern kitchen which will suit your needs. Do not hesitate, read the article and you are ready to go!

Modern kitchen and its key aspects

Every style, also the modern one, has some distinctive features, apparent at first glance. The most important are:

  • Minimalism together with keeping the colour and form simple. Modern style is all about simple, geometric shapes, homogenous, smooth surfaces and limited colours. This is why we are advising to use two to three contrasting colours and choose furniture with simple and smooth fronts (they can be matt or shiny).
  • You should know that modern kitchen is not only about order and harmony, but also about functionality. Think twice about arranging the furniture and household appliances. You will need separate zones for cooking, storing and washing dishes. Think about appropriate number of kitchen cabinets in which you will store all the things needed for preparing meals. Don’t save on household appliances – they are supposed to make your work easy and pleasant.
  • Consider having a kitchen island, which looks great even in small interiors and provides extra work space. Besides, it is perfect for family meetings. You can cook there, eat meals and drink your morning coffee. It is very convenient to use, because you can access it from all sides.
  • Invest in high quality robust materials and mix them together. Modern style is not only about wood, but also stainless steel, glass and stone, so don’t be afraid to combine them!
  • Buy good lightning. One source of light, mounted under the ceiling is too little to make the modern kitchen bright. This is why it is so important to have spot light fixtures placed under the cabinets and over the cooker or the island.
  • Buy big and little household appliances. Fridge, cooker and oven are a must. It it also worth to invest in a cooker hood, microwave, coffee machine, toaster and many other appliances, which facilitate the process of preparing meals.
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Mateusz Stanaszek
Mateusz Stanaszek
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