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Stone renovation – available services

Stone is a natural material that can undergo renovation. Certain treatments enable removal of all damages, defects or discolorations that may appear during usage. A skillful application of these treatments restores stone’s splendor and perfect look. Unfortunately, the number of treatments that can be performed, depends on the thickness of the stone. Why? Because renovation consists of scuffing of the top layer of the material (usually not more than few millimeters). Of course renovation comprises of several different actions that are described below.

Cleaning – this treatment removes all stains, tarnish and discolorations that emerge when the stone comes in contact with harmful substances or is inadequately cleaned ( cleaning of the stone with inappropriate substances). There are four types of cleaning:

  • Chemical cleaning with appropriate substances that remove tarnish, patina and stains.
  • Mechanical cleaning with electrotools or hand-held devices such as brushes, putty knives, trowels etc.
  • Dynamic-impact cleaning, which consists of sanding with quartz sand and corundum. This type of cleaning can be performed both wet and dry.
  • Mechanical cleaning on a grinding machine with diamond grinding wheels. This is the ideal solution for removing deep discolorations.

Repairs – a series of actions that lead to the removal of defects and  restore broken elements. Repairs encompass the following services:

  • Bonding of broken elements with epoxy or polyester glue and strengthening with fiber glass.
  • Masking and filling of the welds in order to obtain smooth surface – performed when there is a need of connecting elements or exchanging damaged segments.
  • Joining and bonding of broken elements, combined with the strengthening with fiber glass.
  • Filling of chips, defects and deeper scratches with special filler or resin on both the surface and the edges. The colour of the formulation is carefully chosen so that eventually the repair is invisible
Mateusz Stanaszek
Mateusz Stanaszek
Matt has been with us for years as the main provider of news information regarding granite & interior design. He’s particularly the expert in the former, having worked for a granite manufacturing company for years. So please rest assured, his knowledge is reliable and extensive. He then wished to pursue a hobby in writing, so he veered into the domain of casual journalism. Henceforth, he’s been our main copywriter & editor.


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