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Granite kitchen worktops with white cabinets: do they match?

A granite worktop is known to be an incredible asset of any interior. It is durable, robust and damage resistant. In addition to its practical function, it gives the interior an elegant and unique character.White quartz worktops and white cabinets

Nowadays there’s so many quartz and granite colours available that people are spoilt for choice. Granite kitchen worktops are also easy to keep clean, tolerate high temperatures and moisture, but above all, they are extremely hard wearing materials, withstanding any abrasion and most impact damage.

Granite, ceramic and quartz worktops are currently UK’s most popular worktops. In general, people put a lot of faith into stone, whether organic or synthetic – and rightly so. We’ve been doing research on stone materials for years now, and rarely do we come across opinions of dissatisfied people. In general, granite worktops boast a high appraise.

White cabinets and dark granite worktops

And they’re no longer the ‘luxury’ products they used to be – their affordability means that everyone can purchase this natural material. Their selection is also expansive. As we mention above, you can either opt for 50+ varieties of granite colours or 400+ man-made quartzes. Thanks to such a stunning range of quality products we can easily match the type and colour of the stone to the decor and other elements of the kitchen finish.

So, contrary to common belief, in order to create a wonderful colour matching environment in your kitchen, you neither need to reach out for inferior products like laminate worktops, nor do you need to spend a lot of money. Granite worktops colours are abundant and granite worktop prices reasonable.

What impacts the price of a granite worktop?

When choosing a worktop, we take into account not only its appearance but also practical considerations. The ideal worktop should be resistant to high temperatures, abrasion, stains during cooking and cleaning, as well as resistant to mechanical damage. The higher price in this case is chiefly impacted by the sturdy material of the worktop, blessed (thanks to the great qualities) with increased longevity. It’s the same as with a stunning ring. You can either purchase a rust-resistant golden ring, inlaid with scratch resistant diamond or choose the £1 inferior copper alloy ring with a pice of glass mimicking the diamond.

When it comes to the selection of worktops, the quality > quantity rule of thumb is certainly applicable.

White cabinets and dark granite worktops

At a cheap cost, kitchens can be equipped with laminated countertops, but it must be remembered that they will not last more than 4-5 years. More expensive, and thus more durable granite kitchen worktops or a quartz worktop, have a lifespan of at least 30+ years (lifetime if regularly maintained).

Not by accident laminated countertops are the cheapest solution. In this case, however, you have to remember that they are not the most durable, heat resistant or stain resistant surfaces. Among the variety of solutions available on the market, we will find much more resistant and durable materials such as granite, quartz and ceramic surfaces.

Are the varied granite worktops colours priced differently?

Yes. Granite worktops are worked from massive igneous rock stone slabs which themselves are quarried across the entire world. Some colours are therefore easy to quarry + transport, let’s say Blue Pearl Granite – a colour local to us, originating from Norway. Other granite surfaces are scarce as the quarries are running dry, or they’re located in remote areas of the world, where trade is difficult or practically non existent.

So the colour of the granite worktops most certainly will impact the cost. Not to mention various suppliers have different policies – some monopolise a particular colour and set the price range high, others add extra delivery costs.

White cabinets and dark granite worktops

In brief, almost every colour of granite you select, will be priced differently. So before you plan to buy granite worktops, we suggest you contact a reputable granite kitchen worktops manufacturer. Their knowledge is a vast pool of facts, details and nuances that will aid you in the worktop purchase process.

Their showrooms are usually equipped with multiple samples of granite. From Baltic Brown to Sardo Grey, Indian Jet Black, Emerald Pearl and others. If you bring your kitchen designs, their professional interior design consultants will be able to quote you instantly and even suggest which granite worktops or bathroom worktops are most suitable to your interior.

“Do granite kitchen worktops match modern white cabinets? Should I choose black quartz worktops?”

Granite worktops and quartz worktops are universal materials. That means these materials are applicable in almost any setting. Whether your kitchen cabinets are white, black, grey, pink or cream, the stone worktops will beautifully integrate into the new kitchen environment.

We suggest you visit the social media profiles or the website gallery of the Polish Granite manufacturer we linked above. They have a full selection of kitchen surfaces or bathroom surfaces in different surroundings. And almost every kitchen looks stunning. But you should judge yourself.Granite and quartz samples

When it comes to granite quartz, it’s their unique shine, the gloss, the embedded minerals that truly stand out. The primary colour pigments are just the addition. And regardless of the appliances, units, floors or other accessories, these polished surfaces will fit right in. It usually comes down to personal preference – if you wish to achieve a deep contrast, then maybe Absolute Black granit will be the optimal choice. If you prefer to brighten up your kitchen, then Kashmir White, a cream colour + grain patterns, may be the desired granite.

If you are really concerned about colour matching techniques and contemporary kitchen design ideas, feel free to either comment below or get in touch with our recommended suppliers. We’ll try our best to solve your dilemma, and the excellent service of Polish Granite will certainly take care of your concerns.

What are the main advantages of granite worktops?

Granite is resistant to different temperatures. This is a feature that is extremely important in any kitchen that is often subjected to frequent, intensive cooking. After all, any splash of acidic liquid, burning oil, juice, wine, stock could cause permanent damage to any other weaker surface like laminate or wood worktops.

When it comes to granite worktops, the stain resistance isn’t it’s only advantage. You can successfully place a hot pot, pan or oven dish right off the stove and straight onto the surface and expect zero blemishes. Granite is one of the hardest materials on earth, so temperature changes, abrasion or liquid spillage doesn’t impact its surface whatsoever.

Granite worktops with patterns - Lennon

Granite is resistant to a variety of cleaning products and acids used in kitchens. It is a stone that is proof to lemon juice or vinegar. Eye-sore stains will not appear on granite tops as long as you impregnate the stone with special agents once or twice a year. There is also no need to be afraid of tarnishing the countertop, which definitely affects the comfort during cooking. The process should be relaxing to draw out your utmost enjoyment, so staying worry free is key. A granite worktop can guarantee that. Moreover, you can use almost all cleaning agents on the granite surface. The exception are preparations containing wax and bleach, which can cause streaks that are difficult to remove.

The widespread use of granite is also influenced by its resistance to mechanical damage. It is hard to abrade and if you drop a mug or cutlery on the surface, the likelihood of chipping is very low. Compare that to wood or laminate – indents in those would be almost inevitable. In fact, granite countertops are so resistant they can be used as a chopping board, as no blade will scratch the surface.

Other advantages of granite kitchen worktops include total resistance to moisture, which is very important in the kitchen. Additionally, it is a stone that can be easily kept clean and does not require any special care or maintenance. Granite worktops also hinder the growth of bacteria. It is also a completely ecological material – in the end you’re using stone not wood.

How to clean granite worktops?

Granite kitchen worktops should be impregnated with protective preparations designed for natural stone, preferably once a year, at least. Thanks to these, it’s easier to keep the surface of the worktop in a pristine level. It is best to wash granite worktops every day with clean water. In case greasy stains appear on it, you can use a mild cleaning agent or even dish soap for that matter. For the care of granite kitchen worktops, no chemical agents should be used to remove rust and limescale deposits, as they may damage the top layer. There are specialised products available for the care of stone products – once again, the purchase a reliable one feel free to contact the suggested stone supplier above.

Granite kitchen worktops UK – A little about their price

How much do granite kitchen worktops cost? As we said, it depends primarily on what type of stone you choose. On average, prices range from £500 to £3,000 per slab – but the factors determining the price also change. Thickness & supplier. See the chapter above regarding cost impact.

You must also account for the production costs of the stone project itself. Whether you seek a standard worktop or bathroom windowsill, or a cladded floor – each project will be met with a different type of workload both in terms of cutting & polishing, through to templating and installation. Purchase of the slab is technically only 20% of the whole process – working the stone and professionally inserting it into your home makes up for the rest.

To receive a comprehensive quote, inclusive of all details and nuances, feel free to either call or email Polish Granite. They will prepare you an extensive price plan for granite worktops or any other project imagined.

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