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Why house rendering is important?

Rendering is an essential element for most homeowners. An aesthetic acrylic or silicone render material serves as the decoration of the existing house, but not only. Why should you consider rendering your property? Is having a property rendered a good option?

Rendering a house as an additional weather protection layer

To thoroughly understand the essence of professional renderer work, it is worth realizing the function it plays in the house. The most important is the protective function against corrosion, moisture, weather, dirt, and thermal insulation. A lack of a house render enhances the corrosive processes of the wall materials. The resulting excessive humidity encourages the growth of microorganisms such as algae, fungi, mosses, and algae. Once they appear in our building, it can be very difficult to remove them.

Fast exterior rendering is especially relevant for all buildings located by the sea, near bodies of water, in the woods, and in places with high humidity. Admittedly, there are agents that destroy such organisms, but they involve additional expenses we’d be better off spending on proper building protection.

Equally important is also external insulation. Uninsulated and unfinished modern house has very low heat transfer coefficients. Regardless of whether we have a single or multi-layer wall, we should finish it, because the outer layer of a building seals the surface along with the joints between the various wall materials.

When deciding to leave the facade unfinished, we must realize that we are agreeing on additional monthly expenses for heating (in winter) and cooling (in summer). Most modern buildings are composed of heat-accumulating materials, which is not beneficial to exterior solid walls. A favorable building microclimate can only create well-insulated external walls. An uninsulated wall will consistently accumulate and give off low temperatures in winter and high temperatures in summer. In case of well-prepared external wall insulation and house rendering, our heating or air conditioning bills will drop dramatically.

A finished facade is also protected from dirt. Unfinished exterior walls may be exposed to dirt, dust and other contaminants carried by wind, humans, or animals. You probably don’t need to convince anyone that an unfinished and soiled wall will bring to mind a farm building rather than a residential house. It should also be remembered that some dirt can be very difficult or impossible to remove, further hindering the subsequent application of the final layer of silicone or cement based render.

Reliable rendering supplies

The most beautiful and unique facades are made from wood, natural stones, or steel. However, due to the installation costs, stone or timber cladding is also the most expensive of the solution. If you have a limited budget, try to render a house. It is the simplest and one of the cheapest options to smooth finish the entire house.

Acrylic or cement render gives us the great possibilities for arrangement and decoration, thanks to the availability of a wide range of render colours. We can purchase silicone or lime render in almost any existing color. Thanks to the ease of implementation and the wide availability of products, we can also use combinations of different colors from the palette.

In addition, the render is easy to use, repair and refreshing. It can easily lead to its original state with using commercially available products. If this is no longer enough, you can cover an existing render with paint. Such a procedure is usually necessary every seven years.

By painting an acrylic render, we eliminate any permanent dirt and dust, subtle discoloration of coloured render, and the micro-pitting caused by the oxidation of synthetic substances used in the thin-coat renders are done for the following years. Everything is covered with a new, uniform original silicone or polymer render. For mineral render restoration, use paint from the same manufacturer, which guarantees consistency in the chemical composition of the products.

Mateusz Stanaszek
Mateusz Stanaszek
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