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Blue bathroom – let’s swim

Blue bathroom – possible designs

Bathroom is very often overlooked when it comes to design. Although, it’s a very important part of our houses and flats we tend to leave it out and forget about arranging it in harmony with all the other rooms. Moreover, very often we focus mainly on its functionalities and practical aspects and forget about the aesthetics. It’s a common mistake and needs to be changes. Bathrooms, even the small ones can be interestingly arranged and designed in style. There are many possibilities here, and only your imagination is the limit.

Modern design is one the possibilities here. Modern in case of bathroom means usability, practicality and simplicity. Hence, bathroom furnishings should have clearly defined lines, straight and clean. The edges should be polished and clearly visible. The arrangement should be easy to navigate and there should be no obstacles on your way. The surface should be glossy and without any smudges. Finally, decorative elements need to be kept to the minimum.

Blue bathroom – materials

Although, modern color is frequently associated with white a good choice when it comes to bathroom is blue. You can still follow all the above described indicators of modern bathroom design and yet make it a little more appealing and comfy. Blue bathroom can look clean and fresh. It can give you the air of healthy water or waterfall where you can just dive into and splash. Can you see the water drops shining and waiting for you to embrace them? To make this vision come true you need proper and high quality materials.

The possibilities here are many and more. Think for example of granite, marble or quartz. These are high quality products that can make your bathroom stylish. Imagine bathroom where the walls are light blue, all the appliances are of the same shade. The flooring is navy blue, intense and solid. The walls are glassy blue, almost translucent. Finally, all the taps and worktops are made of deep blue quartz. It’s up to you whether the quartz is matt or shiny. Can you take swim in such a bathroom?

Mateusz Stanaszek
Mateusz Stanaszek
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