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Granite vs. Quartz – what they have in common and what differentiates them?

Both of these materials are beautiful and practical for any kitchen. By writing this article, we would like to help all customers who are going to change something in their kitchens, and those changes are about the purchase of new countertops, but they cannot decide whether granite or quartz is more suitable for them. Both stones are very popular and commonly used, but we want to settle the question of what stone you should buy. At the beginning, there should be highlighted that there are no specific advantages and disadvantages of those materials. First off all, everything depends on your needs i.e., your expectations towards the stone. Another very important issue is style and design of your kitchen. In order to solve this issue, we compare them according to main three categories: maintenance, look and cost. However, before we cope with the differences are between these two materials, we should better present what they have in common. Undoubtedly, either granite or quartz will add elegance and style to your kitchen. They are not only absolutely outstanding, but also extremely durable and resilient. Thanks to this, installation of countertops made from granite or quartz will be a long-lasting beauty in your kitchen. Those are the most important characteristics which both granite and quartz countertops have. Now, let us look a little bit closer to what differentiate them.

Firstly, on the one hand, because quartz is known as the man-made and non-porous material, it does not have to be sealed or polished. It is maintenance-free material, so any other cleaning than the daily care is necessary. On the other hand, although granite is porous natural stone and it is and needs to be sealed, but granite countertops usually require sealing once a year. Moreover, sealing is not such a complicated process than it seems to be. It is even very easy and you can do on your own. In addition, there are various levels of porosity depending on which particular stone you opt for. If you still are a little bit afraid of such thing, you can ask for the least porous type of granite.

As far as the look is concerned, granite will be much more personal material. It is available in various colours with unique movement variations. Thanks to this, granite will bring into your kitchen absolutely original look and style. Quartz is rather consistent and seamless, while granite is famous for his irregular patterns. If you are looking for more sleek and contemporary look, then you should definitely go for quartz countertops.  They will fit in with modern designs perfectly. Granite goes with contemporary design as well, but the classic cabinetry will look better with granite countertops.

When it comes to the cost, granite countertops are the most expensive option. Nevertheless, it has fairly broad price range depending on the type of the granite. Quartz countertops are definitely cheaper than those made from quartz, and their prices are not so varied.


Mateusz Stanaszek
Mateusz Stanaszek
Matt has been with us for years as the main provider of news information regarding granite & interior design. He’s particularly the expert in the former, having worked for a granite manufacturing company for years. So please rest assured, his knowledge is reliable and extensive. He then wished to pursue a hobby in writing, so he veered into the domain of casual journalism. Henceforth, he’s been our main copywriter & editor.


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