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Quartz kitchen countertops

Why you should install quartz kitchen countertops

Quartz kitchen countertops are in current fashion today.  Why is it so? First of all, quartz is made from the strongest and the hardest minerals on earth. Thanks to this, quartz is used to make a broad spectrum of the high quality products. Its extreme hardness and resistance to acids, scratches and stains make quartz one of the most durable materials for kitchen countertops. Quartz has the same level of durability as granite or concrete does. On the one hand, quartz does not crack easily, but on the other one, added resins allow it to have cleaner cuts and more flexibility. Thanks to this, quartz countertops are quite easy to bend and shape during installation process.

Moreover, quartz countertops are so gorgeous and eye-catching that your kitchen will look really amazing. The other quartz’s advantage is its great variety of colours and patterns. Quartz countertops are available in more traditional, neutral colors like white, black or brown, but also in more extravagant like green or red with veining and glitters. Thanks to this, quartz countertops look as if they were made from any natural stone. Moreover, multihued slabs are also covered with fantasy flecks, swirls, and random patterning comparable with granite or marble patterns. Another great advantage of quartz countertops are antimicrobial and low maintenance. Crafted of resin binders and quartz chips tined with colour make quartz countertops non-porous which means that they do not need to be sealed.

Moreover, impermeable surface will not allow any bacteria to penetrate it which means that you do not have to worry about odours and stains on your countertops. Such nonporous nature makes quartz countertops even more resistant than marble or granite. Moreover, theoretically, quartz countertops are known to be maintenance-free, but in general, there are some simple things you need to keep in mind. For daily cleaning the only thing you need is the damp cloth which you should use for wiping the countertops. The soapy water will be enough as well, however, you can also use some household cleaners even designated for stainless steel, which you can used for your other stainless steel appliances.

However, keep in mind that product you want to use should be nonabrasive and non-bleach. The other reason why you should go for quartz countertops is their finishing. They can make the same visual effects as glossy granite, textured slate or matte limestone. In other words, its natural loveliness is derived from its multi-dimensional gem-like colour. In addition, quartz countertops are less expensive than marble or granite, but they can look as any of those natural stones. If you are on a budget, but you really dream about the naturalness in your kitchen, consider quartz. Because of all these good qualities, quartz is one of the best options which should be incorporated in your kitchen.

Mateusz Stanaszek
Mateusz Stanaszek
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