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Clean Your Fireplace and Walls

Regardless of how tidy an area might be, a filthy fireplace makes it appear unkempt and messy. Tidying up may take effort and time, however the final results are gratifying,all of which will help to keep the fireplace in terrific working order.
Most likely you will be merely handling a bit of soot here and there – and when that’s the circumstance, the cleansing process is not going to take too long. However if you have acquired a disregarded fireplace, get ready to devote quite some time and major hark work!

Things you need

Big paper sack
Drop cloth
Coffee grounds (optional)
Scrub brush
Kneeling pad (a folded towel works, too!)
Vacuum with brush attachment
Cleaning products (see below)
Protective eye-wear

  1. Lay down a drop cloth over the hearth. You would be amazed just how far the soot can travel throughout the room!
  2. Take out all of the fire logs and scoop away any dust and debris. To reduce debris in the air, scatter coffee grounds all over the ashes. Scoop into a pail or paper sack with the fireplace shovel or a dustpan.
  3. Sweep up the inside of the fireplace from start to end. Follow-through with the brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner.
  4. Pick a cleansing solution. An assortment of lukewarm water and TSP (trisodium phosphate) is a reasonable go-to treatment for use on a fireplace, however could be a little harsh on old brick. Think about utilizing various other green solutions like water and vinegar, cream of tartar or detergent and baking soda.
  5. Delve the scrub brush into the cleaning solution and just start to thoroughly clean the interior of the fireplace, running it around in smallish circular shapes. Begin at the bottom part and then move in your own pace up to the highest part to prevent streaking.
    Based on just how unclean your fireplace happens to be, you may want to continue doing this technique several times.

The most convenient way to maintain your fireplace in perfect working order would be to sustain and manage it. Wait around a day after you have lit up a fire and then tidy up the ashes. For those who have just a couple small soot smudges, items like a waterless soot extraction sponge are excellent to have around.

Cleansing your walls is an excellent heavy cleansing task which is ideally handled in early fall or late spring when you are able break a door or window open to help out withthe drying task. Although time intensive, it really is an essential chore to always keep your house appearing (and smelling!) terrific which enables you to prolong the life of your paint job.

Things you need

Vacuum with broom attachment
Bucket with lukewarm soapy water
Bucket with clean water
Dust cloth, wand, or brush
Drop cloth

  1. Take away all of the artworks from walls and then shift the pieces of furniture nearby to the centre of the room. Make a lot of workspace for your own benefit.
  2. Dust off the baseboards and walls. A simple way to do that is simply by wrapping a broom with a towel then wiping the walls from the top down.
  3. Shield your flooring by placing a drop cloth to capture all the water that runs down the walls.
  4. With a lint free wash-cloth or even sponge, thoroughly clean down the walls from top to bottom with heated soapy water. Steer clear of utilizing dyed sponges or coloured soaps, you wouldn’t want to end up having it stain your beautiful walls.
  5. Follow-through stage 4 with a clean water rinse. Make sure to get rid of any unclean water in the bucket so that you will not be making the walls dirtier!

Ideally, break a couple of windows open to assist air-flow throughout the room—not only does it end up smelling fantastic, it helps the walls dry much faster.

Mateusz Stanaszek
Mateusz Stanaszek
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