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Granite colours – important information and tips

Granite is a durable stone that works perfectly as a finishing material. Depending on the region of origin, the stone will differ in colour, texture and pattern. Its appearance is influenced by climate conditions in a great extent. These factors influence the colour, the size of crystals and the distribution of particles that form a pattern on its surface. This is why it it is so unique. In the further part of this article, we discuss granite colours available on the market. We kindly invite you to read!

An overview of the most popular granite colours by their origin

  • Chinese granite – it has an intensely spotted structure. It comes in both soft, muted colours, as well as in bright ones. Among available shades one can find: whites, creamy colours, sand browns, beiges, browns, greys but also greens, reds and blacks.
  • Indian granite – the variety of its colours is quite big. The most characteristic feature of this type of granite is the strand texture (the surface has cracks, lines, fractures). The crystals, of which it consists, are stacked in layers and create original patterns. Two colors of granite are especially worth mentioning: tiger skin and star galaxy. They are very popular among clients. No wonder, because they are absolutely amazing. Tiger skin comes in several shades and it is very distinct because of its spotted surface. Star galaxy is a black granite with very tiny spots. After polishing it resembles a starry sky.
  • African granite – it is variety that comes in predominantly dark colours. Brown and white combinations, as well as grey and graphite combinations are dominant. The structure is very similar to chinese granite. The most popular shades are undoubtedly: nero, impala dark, impala medium, and antique brown.
  • Brazilian granite – it’s most significant feature, obvious at first glance is its yellow and gold coloring. It has pastel and dark brown spots on the surface. The only exception is verde candeias variety, in which the dark graphite is combined with green and the colour transitions create streaks or spots. In Poland the most widely known varieties are: giallo cecilia, king gold, giallo napolitano and giallo ornamental.
  • Scandinavian granites – are mainly obtained from Finland and Norway. They have a spotted structure, consisting of clear, distinctive big spots. The most popular shades are browns, reds and graphite-blues.
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Mateusz Stanaszek
Mateusz Stanaszek
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