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Which is the best material for countertops?

Beautiful and original countertops may perfectly add style to your kitchen. They may highlight the character of your kitchen and enhance the overall effect made by your cabinetry.

Because of these reasons, you have probably wondered what countertops are the best, which one will be the most suitable for your kitchen Some people claim that the best choice are granite countertops, the other say there is nothing better than quartz surfaces. However, when an expert presents some other material, it turns out that “this other one” is nice as well. First the most important thing to learn is that there is no the best countertop surface. The key point is to choose something what suits to your kitchen design and style. Moreover, there are “no pros and cons”. There are only characteristic of each surface. Such characteristics may become pros and cons, if you overlie them against your needs. One of them is plain, one is heat resistant, some are maintenance-free, other needs maintenance on a regular basis, the others have dramatic looks, and some are muted, some are in dark tones. In this article, we would like to show you very interesting and worth describing four materials, which will make your kitchen absolutely unique.

First material is granite. Granite is cut into blocks and then into smaller pieces. After that each piece is polished, sealed and becomes unique.Granite comes from all over the world. It brings this uniqueness into your kitchen. Because each piece is different, there is a great choice of granite countertops. Granite can withstand high temperature. Moreover, because of porous surface, granite requires regular sealing. Quartz is very hard and durable material. Unlike granite, quartz colour is consistent and allpiecesare very similar to one another. This material is also durable heat-resistant. However, it does not require any sealing or maintenance. The other perfect suitable material for countertops is Corian. Although Corian is acrylic product, not a natural material, it looks outstandingly and aesthetically. Seamless, muted and softer than any natural stone – those are the most important characteristics of Corian countertops. They are also used in food service industry, which means that Corian is sanitary material as well. Moreover, Corian is absolutely impervious and you can clean Corian countertop very easily. It is available in more than one hundred different colours. Probably, main disadvantage of this material is that it is not heat-resistant.

Another material worth our attention is wood. They have been used for hundreds of years. Wood countertops make your kitchen unique and bring naturalness into it. Although they require oiling every three to six months, those who love wood countertops do not consider oiling as inconvenient activity. It is rather pleasure such as waxing beloved vehicle. Moreover, wood contains natural enzymes which kill bacteria. It means that you can cut on wood countertops, but we do not recommend it as it can results in scratched surface.

Mateusz Stanaszek
Mateusz Stanaszek
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