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Advantages and disadvantages of marble stairs

Marble is an elegant stone that brings a luxurious glow to every interior. It’s light tones match up perfectly with every interior design, especially classical one. It is often used for making stairs. If you are among  those, that wish to have marble stairs, we recommend you to read this article. It will deal with advantages and disadvantages of marble stairs.

Advantages of marble stairs

Let’s start with advantages. In the first place it is important to say that marble is a natural stone, which means it is unique and special in its simplicity. It is durable and resistant to damage, so marble stairs can be used intensively for a very long time. Besides, they really do appear posh and high-end. Once impregnated and properly cared for, they are resistant to stains and they do not absorb moisture, which is often the case with wood. There is no danger they will become fractured or start rotting like wooden stairs. It is extremely easy to keep them clean. Their perfectly smooth and polished surface makes it impossible for dirt to penetrate the stone’s structure and adhere to it. It it sufficient to collect dust with a soft-bristled broom, wipe with a mop and you’re ready to go.

Disadvantages of marble stairs

As with everything, there are two sides of the coin and marble stairs also have few disadvantages. One of them is undoubtedly their price. Production and installation of marble stair is an expense of several or so thousand zlotys, depending on the type of stone and surface. As a result, not everyone can afford them. Another thing is the extremely long order processing time. Importing of the marble and its further processing is labor-intensive process. This is because marble is a fragile and easily damaged material, so it requires slow and careful processing. It is also important to mention the need for regular impregnation that may appear burdensome, but is inevitable for marble stairs to remain durable, resistant to damage and to protect their surface from wearing off.

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Mateusz Stanaszek
Mateusz Stanaszek
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