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Granite worktops London and marble countertops – a comparison

Kitchen worktops must be durable and highly resistant to mechanical damage and chemical substances, so it’s best to decide to make them with the use of a natural stone. This material is known for its incredible durability and beautiful appearance. What material is worth the price? The most popular are Granite worktops London and marble countertops. Which one is better and why you should choose these? Below you will find a fairly detailed comparison, which will help you make the right decision.

Granite worktops London vs. marble countertops

  1. Colour

As for colors, it is both stones are available in a very rich palette of shades, so everyone can find one that satisfy them. As a result, Granite worktops London and marble tops can be matched to any interior design and you can compose them literally with any color palette (this refers to the warm and cool shades).

  1. Durability and resistance

Another issue is the strength and resistance to mechanical damage and stains. Although both materials are hard, their resistance to scratches, cuts, high temperatures, acids and cleaning agents is quite different. In this case Granite worktops London definitely win. Why? The answer is simple. Their structure does not absorb water, they are resistant to moisture and high temperatures, they are very difficult to scratch and damage using acidic substances. For marble tops the case is different. To increase their durability, impregnation is required, but it does not provide such a high resistance to scratches, chemicals and high temperatures – all those outside factors are not so scary for granite. This in turn makes Granite worktops London easier to use, maintain and keep clean. Besides, they are more hygienic and safer, and it’s a huge advantage.

  1. Care

Considerable differences can be seen also in methods of care. Granite worktops London do not require multiple treatments (this kind of worktops you can be ordered at www.polishgranite.co.uk). Their surface is perfectly smooth, and so the structure does not absorb moisture. Therefore, it is sufficient to wipe them daily with a soft cloth and warm water with dishwashing liquid, wipe them dry and… that’s all. With marble countertops, unfortunately, it is not so simple. We must be careful not to spill substances with intense color for example. Beetroot juice, which has been soaked in the stone structure will be almost impossible to remove. In addition, the cleaning of marble tops require special preparations, which may be pretty expensive. Moreover, maintenance have to be repeated ragularly, which is also an expensive procedure.

  1. Appearance

When it comes to appearance, both Granite worktops London and marble countertops look great despite the passage of years. Yes, they are cold to the touch and heavy, so you will have to  strengthen the cabinet they are placed on. However, they present themselves so elegantly and luxuriously that it is worth to invest in them. I should add that marble is aging even nicer than granite, which is available in matt and polished versions. Of course, visual considerations play a significant role during the selection, so this aspect should be noted. Which stone you choose depends only on your individual preferences and the effect you want to achieve.

  1. Price

The last thing that needs to be addressed is the price. I think anyone should not be surprised that Granite worktops London are more expensive than marble ones. This is due to the excellent durability of the material, its processing difficulties, availability and distribution of (you might have to import more rare slabs of granite from really remote corners of the world). Unfortunately, because of this, not everyone can afford such kitchen worktop.

Mateusz Stanaszek
Mateusz Stanaszek
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