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Conglomerate worktops – why are they a good solution?

Conglomerate worktops are becoming more and more popular. They are quite a good alternative to expensive and heavy stone products, but they are slightly inferior in appearance. Why should they be used indoors? What are their advantages and why are they a good solution? You will find the answers to these questions later in this article.

Let’s start with the fact that countertops made of conglomerate are made of stone in over 90%. For their production, ground stone, e.g. marble or granite, is used, which is combined with polyester resin and in this way a liquid mass is obtained. Of course, it can be freely formed and trimmed at will. They are available in a wide range of shades, which are obtained by using special dyes. They can have a matt or glossy finish. They are ideal for use in kitchens because they have a number of advantages that distinguish them from other products on the market. Here are the most important of them:

  • Price – tops made of conglomerate are much cheaper than products entirely made of natural stone. The difference in price turns out to be really big when we want to order a product with a non-standard thickness or unusual shape.
  • Easy processing – due to the fact that in the initial stage of production the conglomerate has a liquid form, you can easily give it any shape. With stone is all the more difficult, because the processing requires precision, peace and control, because one inexperienced movement, and it can crack or crumble and the whole process will have to start anew. Of course, the need to use the new block will cause that the costs of order execution will increase significantly.
  • Low weight – conglomerate worktops are much lighter than stone worktops, so their installation does not need to be preceded by strengthening cabinets.
  • Resistance – conglomerate products are durable and resistant to high temperatures and chemicals. Unfortunately, their smooth surface is easily scratched, but any cavities and scratches can be easily removed during grinding. What’s more, the treatment can be carried out on an installed worktop, which is a great facilitation.
  • No odours – the conglomerate does not absorb odours, so you can put fish, meat, etc. on it without fear.
  • Heat – the conglomerate is pleasant and warm to the touch, because it accepts the temperature of the environment in which it is located.
  • Seamless joining – worktops from the conglomerate can be joined seamlessly, which gives a huge range of arrangement possibilities and makes it possible to connect it with a window sill or sink without any problems. Moreover, uniform surfaces without any joints look more exclusive and elegant.
  • Interesting colours – the conglomerate can be given any shade, which creates a huge area to show off when creating an original interior design.
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Mateusz Stanaszek
Mateusz Stanaszek
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