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Granite kitchen worktops vs wooden worktops – a comparison

Worktops are an integral element of kitchen equipment. They should be elegant and complement the decor and style of the interior and the colour of the furniture. They are usually made of two materials: stone and wood. We decided to compare these two solutions and present the pros and cons of each of them. The further part of this article discusses the characteristics and differences of granite kitchen worktops and wooden worktops.

Granite kitchen worktops – most important advantages and disadvantages

We will start with stone worktops. They are highly durable, robust and resistant to mechanical damage and exposure to external agents. They are resistant to scratches, and even if some scratches appear on their surface, the worktops can be renovated by grinding and polishing. They have perfect technical parameters. They are resistant to wear, high temperatures and do not absorb moisture. They are hygienic and resistant to stains, because the dirt does not penetrate their structure. They accumulate heat really well, and owing to perfectly smooth surface, are easy to keep clean. The cleaning is fairly simple – it is enough to use a soft moistened cloth and then wipe the surface dry. They come in a wide variety of colour, so the arrangement possibilities are endless. Granite kitchen worktops are elegant and luxurious. They are universal and timeless, and look perfect for many years.

Of course these products are not flawless. One of their disadvantages is the fact that they are expensive. For a standard size worktop we have to pay up to several dozen thousand zlotys, and this is a cost that can significantly exceed available budget. Moreover, their great weight may require strengthening of the cabinets prior to installation. Their processing is quite difficult and requires specialist equipment so the installation should be performed by professionals.

Wooden worktops – most important advantages and disadvantages

We have already discussed granite kitchen worktops, so now it’s time to write several words about wooden worktops. Their biggest advantages are undoubtedly: natural beauty, good durability and endurance – provided they are adequately processed, cared for and used. They are soft to touch because they have the same temperature as the environment and look nice. They suit both modern and classical interiors. They make the interior look really cosy. Their processing is easy: they can be given any shape and can be renovated. Their prices are significantly lower than granite kitchen worktops, so almost everybody can afford them.

Of course, wooden worktops have some disadvantages. They do not handle high temperatures and moisture well. If we put hot pots on their surface, there is a danger that permanent discolourations will appear and getting rid of them will be very difficult. They are not resistant to mechanical damage, so cutting directly on their surface is out of the question.

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Mateusz Stanaszek
Mateusz Stanaszek
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