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Dekton worktops – Ecology and durability

In the area of kitchen worktops, a great deal of technological progress has been made in recent years. Since the world of kitchen interiors is conquered by modern technologies, countertops have taken over Dekton’s surfaces, which are distinguished by their spectacular durability, wide range of colours and rich textures.

Ecology and durability – Dekton worktops

An interesting proposition, visible in the latest kitchen designs, is the seductive variety of shades and patterns Dekton. Dekton is a 100% natural surface, made by sintering and ultra-compression of molecules. Modern technology has made it possible to produce panels of previously unimaginable dimensions and thickness, yet with extremely favourable parameters.

The ultra-compact Dekton surface tiles, manufactured in 320 cm x 144 cm format, are used on classic work surfaces as well as worktops on large kitchen islands. Customers praise its exceptional scratch resistance and total resistance to discolouration. Dekton also has a very low water absorption coefficient and can be installed as a single large-format element.

In their latest designs, architects often combine two or three shades of Dekton to form wall cladding, kitchen fronts, worktops, floors and stairs.  When used in bathrooms, it provides a coating that is resistant to moisture and stains. Apart from wiping with a damp cloth, it will not require any additional maintenance.

Whatever the style of the space, Dekton worktops bring a touch of modern elegance to your kitchen and can reproduce the effect of any material, while maintaining the highest level of quality. With a reduced thickness and weight of 10 kg/m2, the new format makes Dekton an alternative, especially for lightweight projects.

The work surface in the kitchen has to endure a lot and still look great. That’s why the most important thing here is the resistance to damage and dirt. Fortunately, new, modern materials are being made. Closer to the ideal. One of them are Dakton worktops. Durable, integrated with the interior, they do not impose their function visually, discreetly blending into the background of the environment.








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