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How to care for a granite kitchen sink?

It is possible to produce many different accessories and kitchen utensils from granite: worktops, floors and wall linings. That’s not all! Many companies produce kitchen sinks from granite, which are extremely robust, resistant and elegant. Of course, like every other product, they require appropriate care, which will keep them beautiful despite every day use. How to care for a granite kitchen sink so that it looks perfect for long time? We prepared several tips and useful advices!

Granite kitchen sink – how to use and care for it?

  • Wash the sink regularly, every evening in order to get rid of remaining food dirt and detergents. You can use an ordinary dishwashing liquid and a soft cloth. Remember to rinse the sink with warm water and wipe the walls dry with a soft cloth or paper towel. These actions will make the sink shiny and protect it from ugly streaks.
  • When you encounter more difficult dirt, you can try to remove it with a special cleaning milk. It is best if you buy a product for granite surfaces. If you decide to buy a different one, make sure it doesn’t contain abrasive substances, bleaches and acids. It is important if you don’t want scratches on your granite kitchen sink.
  • Bear in mind, that cleaning the sink with wire-brushes or harsh cloths can damage the surface. Choose sponges and cotton cloths instead.
  • You should protect the granite kitchen sink from becoming matte. You can remove the residue with a vinegar solution. You can also buy some special filters that remove iron and calcium from tap water.
  • In order to avoid permanent stains, substances such as wine, tea or beetroot juice should be removed as soon as possible and rinsed with water. If you react quickly, the pigment will not penetrate the structure of the material.
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Mateusz Stanaszek
Mateusz Stanaszek
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