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Stone in the kitchen

Stone in the kitchen – possible applications

When it comes to our interiors, natural stone is here to stay! This is good news because it looks noble, elegant and luxurious. It looks really well in a living room, bathroom, in a hall and first and foremost in the kitchen! It can be used in different ways and for finishing various surfaces. How to use stone in the kitchen? Here are our ideas!

Stone in the kitchen – application proposals

  1. Flooring.
    Stone floor is the most popular and safest solution. It is durable, easy to keep clean, resistant to scratches and stains. In other words it is indestructible! It looks really well in both modern and traditional interiors. Dark floor perfectly corresponds with contrasting light furniture, and lighter one brightens up the interior. It makes a harmonious duo with almost every material. Wood, metal, glass – whatever you choose, it will surely look nice with your stone floor.
  2. Wall.
    Stone in the kitchen can be used for protecting the wall from stains or for covering the existing scratches or stains. It works best in a space between lower and upper cabinets. Stone tiles do not absorb moisture, are resistant to high temperatures and fire, so you can install them next to the sink or cooker. Their perfectly smooth surface makes them fairly easy to clean – you only have to wipe them with a moist cloth and you’re ready to go.
  3. Worktop.
    Are you dreaming of a durable and hygienic worktop, which will last for ages? Choose stone! This material has perfect technical parameters. It is difficult to destroy and this is undoubtedly an advantage. Moreover, the polished surface will bring a luxurious and modern look into your kitchen. The cleaning and care are simple, so it is an ideal solution.
  4. Kitchen accessories.
    This is our last idea for using stone in the kitchen. Some of you may be surprised that it can be used for producing kitchen accessories. What we are referring to are chopping boards, knife sharpeners, mortars or baking stones. The stone doesn’t wear off, is not susceptible to damage, it is durable, warms up fast and accumulates heat. All these advantages make it a perfect material for producing kitchen accessories.
Mateusz Stanaszek
Mateusz Stanaszek
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