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Kitchen hobs – available types

Every housewife knows, that the kitchen simply doesn’t function without a kitchen hob. Currently there are different types of hobs available on the market. They have different power supply (electrical or gas), but that’s not the only difference. What kinds of kitchen hobs are available in sale? Here are some of our tips!

Kitchen hobs – an overview of available types

  1. Induction hobs – very elegant and increasingly popular. These products work really well in minimalist and modern interiors. They emit heat through electromagnetic induction. They require electric power supply. Their most important advantages are: safety, low-energy consumption, convenience of use, easiness to keep clean and shorter cooking time in comparison with other products. Unfortunately they are quite expensive, but its worth to pay more for high quality.
  1. Kitchen gas hobs – require gas. They have been increasingly popular for many years. No wonder, because the costs of using them are very low. Besides, they have an attractive appearance and come in affordable prices ( the range of prices is quite big so every client should find something for himself). Kitchen gas hobs may have different number of burners: two, three, four (most popular option) or even five. It is worth noting here, that the interior in which they will be mounted should be well-ventilated, because burning gas produces fumes.
  1. Electric plate kitchen hobs – devices equipped with intuitive mechanisms such as automatic power cut-off or sensors that turn the burner on when the pot is placed on the surface. They have electric burners consisting of heating plates made of cast iron. They are cheap and very simple to use. Unfortunately they are increasingly being replaced with induction or ceramic hobs.
  1. Ceramic hobs – are slowly conquering the market. It’s no surprise, because they look very modern and using them is pure pleasure. The device has a perfectly smooth surface with separate heating panels, which makes cleaning easier (there are no burners and tiny spaces in which the grease and dirt gather). They conduct the heat really well, are functional, have modern design and are very convenient to use.
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