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Light up kitchen – a few ideas

Light up kitchen – what can you do

Kitchen is the very heart of your home. It’s the very center where the most important everyday activities take place. It’s the place where you regularly prepare meals, where your family and friends gather to eat dinners, where you can have early morning coffee while reading a newspaper or where your kids can do their homework. Since kitchen is so important for everyday actions it’s necessary to keep it properly lit and bright so it remains welcoming and functional at the same time. It’s not easy to light up kitchen, especially when it’s a small room with small windows with small amount of natural light. What can you do to make it bright and inviting?

First of all, you can paint your kitchen in bright colors which can optically make it appear larger. Secondly, you can hang your curtains high and wide which can also make your kitchen look bigger and at the same time can introduce more light. Interesting idea is to hang mirrors which can reflect the natural light from the windows and boost the effect. Finally, remember to use up-to-date high qualities artificial light sources, like ceiling lamps or standing lamps in the corners. And remember to keep the kitchen lines and edges clearly cut and simple. Don’t clutter your kitchen with too many unnecessary decorative elements.

Light up kitchen – make granite countertop lightweight

Interesting element that can light up kitchen is a granite countertop. Although, at first sight granite countertop can appear heavy and solid, even to the point of overwhelming the whole kitchen, if chosen properly granite can appear lightweight and give off the light. Just imagine a bright granite countertop at the very center of your kitchen. It can be beige with star like grains underneath the seemingly uniform surface. The grains can wonderfully reflect the light, so when the sun rays touch the countertop the light is reflected and spread all over the kitchen. In this way on a sunny day granite countertop shines and becomes a source of light. The bright color, beige or any other shade of white or yellow, is a source of light as well.

Mateusz Stanaszek
Mateusz Stanaszek
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