Light up kitchen

Light up kitchen – a few ideas

Light up kitchen – what can you do

Kitchen is the very heart of your home. It’s the very center where the most important everyday activities take place. It’s the place where you regularly prepare meals, where your family and friends gather to eat dinners, where you can have early morning coffee while reading a newspaper or where your kids can do their homework. Since kitchen is so important for everyday actions it’s necessary to keep it properly lit and bright so it remains welcoming and functional at the same time. It’s not easy to light up kitchen, especially when it’s a small room with small windows with small amount of natural light. What can you do to make it bright and inviting?

First of all, you can paint your kitchen in bright colors which can optically make it appear larger. Secondly, you can hang your curtains high and wide which can also make your kitchen look bigger and at the same time can introduce more light. Interesting idea is to hang mirrors which can reflect the natural light from the windows and boost the effect. Finally, remember to use up-to-date high qualities artificial light sources, like ceiling lamps or standing lamps in the corners. And remember to keep the kitchen lines and edges clearly cut and simple. Don’t clutter your kitchen with too many unnecessary decorative elements.

Light up kitchen – make granite countertop lightweight

Interesting element that can light up kitchen is a granite countertop. Although, at first sight granite countertop can appear heavy and solid, even to the point of overwhelming the whole kitchen, if chosen properly granite can appear lightweight and give off the light. Just imagine a bright granite countertop at the very center of your kitchen. It can be beige with star like grains underneath the seemingly uniform surface. The grains can wonderfully reflect the light, so when the sun rays touch the countertop the light is reflected and spread all over the kitchen. In this way on a sunny day granite countertop shines and becomes a source of light. The bright color, beige or any other shade of white or yellow, is a source of light as well.

Granite worktop prices

Granite worktop prices – long term thinking

Granite worktop properties

Granite is really rewarding material when it comes to furnishing houses or designing outdoor structures. It makes such a perfect stone to work with because of its outstanding qualities. Before setting on furnishing your house with granite worktop it’s good to know its properties and in this way use them to the full. First of all, granite is a natural stone. As a natural stones in comes in a limited range of colors. You can’t exactly engineer its color. However, this isn’t a disadvantage. This fact works in favor of granite. Since you can’t engineer its color, its color remains unique and inimitable. Each granite slab is different and you won’t find two that are the same. The grains beneath the surface and the veining slithering through granite slabs makes them stunning. Apart from aesthetic qualities granite has a lot of practical properties such as: high durability, resistance to such factors as moist, liquids, heat or heavy impacts or scratches.

Granite worktop prices

Granite can be made into all kinds of structures or elements. One of the very popular ones are worktops. Granite worktops are quite commonly used. Due to granite qualities kitchen worktops made of granite are known for their high durability and resistance to all kitchen-specific harmful factors. Many people wonder about granite worktop prices and the total installment costs Some people even don’t check the prices because they think it’s way too much and the total cost can often go through the roof. It’s true that granite worktop prices are rather high, but it’s important to note all the advantages of  granite worktop in your kitchen. Usually, reasonable investment now can truly pay off in the future. Hence, before deciding that checking granite worktop process are not worth your time consider long term thinking.

Granite worktop in the long run

In the long run it definitely is worth the price. Granite is a natural rock, as such it gives your home a touch of nature’s dignity and magnitude. Due to granite unique coloring and veining it makes stunningly beautiful worktops that draw the eyes of your guests. Finally, its durability and resistance makes it perfect when thinking in the long run. Granite worktop lasts long and is easy to clean and maintain in the proper condition. It’s really worth to save the trouble in the future and have granite worktop installed once and for all. Cheaper materials can fail you and in the long term cost you more.

Marble zebra

Marble zebra – discover grasslands

Marble zebra – qualities

Marble is a truly unique natural stone. It finds a lot of applications in all areas of human activities. For example you can find traces of marble throughout the history in ancient temples, middle ages streets or baroque chambers’ interiors. Nowadays is no different. Marble is still present in our lives. Just think of marble kitchen countertops, bathroom worktops, table toppings or all kinds of decorative elements. Marble is not only about interiors. There are also outdoor elements that can be made of marble. Just think of marble statues, columns or fountains inspired by ancient monuments. Interestingly, all these applications are possible due to marble outstanding qualities.

Marble is first of all very durable. You can’t easily scratch or damage it. It withstands severe weather conditions like temperature fluctuations, wind and rains. Apart from that marble doesn’t easily absorb liquids and is bacteria free. All these practical aspects of marble are really important but let’s not forget about marble stunning beauty. Just one look and you can see that marble with its unique veining is a wonderful rock that makes all the interiors and outdoor structures eye-catching and beckoning.

Marble zebra – enjoy the grasslands

Marble zebra can refer to two things. First of all, if you have a lot of fantasy and imagination feeds your creativity you can imagine a structure or a monument made of marble and looking like a zebra. Zebra shaped statue can have different size, it can serve as an outdoor element that makes your garden unusual or it can be just a small figure that stands on your desk. The other idea for marble zebra is the color. Marble zebra is a slab which has a unusual mix between black and white, which at times takes the shape of black and white stripes. This unusual pattern makes this particular slab look like a zebra skin. Only imagine, blurring lines of black and white, a wonderful interplay of color that inevitable draws attentions and makes you think of zebra. From this is just a short step to have your kitchen furnished and enjoy the grasslands.

Blue bathroom

Blue bathroom – let’s swim

Blue bathroom – possible designs

Bathroom is very often overlooked when it comes to design. Although, it’s a very important part of our houses and flats we tend to leave it out and forget about arranging it in harmony with all the other rooms. Moreover, very often we focus mainly on its functionalities and practical aspects and forget about the aesthetics. It’s a common mistake and needs to be changes. Bathrooms, even the small ones can be interestingly arranged and designed in style. There are many possibilities here, and only your imagination is the limit.

Modern design is one the possibilities here. Modern in case of bathroom means usability, practicality and simplicity. Hence, bathroom furnishings should have clearly defined lines, straight and clean. The edges should be polished and clearly visible. The arrangement should be easy to navigate and there should be no obstacles on your way. The surface should be glossy and without any smudges. Finally, decorative elements need to be kept to the minimum.

Blue bathroom – materials

Although, modern color is frequently associated with white a good choice when it comes to bathroom is blue. You can still follow all the above described indicators of modern bathroom design and yet make it a little more appealing and comfy. Blue bathroom can look clean and fresh. It can give you the air of healthy water or waterfall where you can just dive into and splash. Can you see the water drops shining and waiting for you to embrace them? To make this vision come true you need proper and high quality materials.

The possibilities here are many and more. Think for example of granite, marble or quartz. These are high quality products that can make your bathroom stylish. Imagine bathroom where the walls are light blue, all the appliances are of the same shade. The flooring is navy blue, intense and solid. The walls are glassy blue, almost translucent. Finally, all the taps and worktops are made of deep blue quartz. It’s up to you whether the quartz is matt or shiny. Can you take swim in such a bathroom?