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Garden marble statues – draw your guests’ eyes

Garden marble statues – where you can find them

Marble has been long known as a royal stone. It’s frequently associated with majestic temples from the ancient times or astounding halls in well-off people’s houses. Marble is powerful and classy. It gives the spaces a  touch of elegance which no other material can provide. No wonder it’s still frequently used to furnish houses and interiors of office building or corporational spaces. Marble is the king. All the rest just serves as background against which marble can truly shine. Yet, marble is not only about sleek interiors, it can be successfully used outside. It doesn’t concern only marble outdoor stairs or park fountains. It’s also about marble statues.

Marble statues a way to enliven you garden

Garden marble statues don’t only refer to ancient overwhelming statues which we can still admire in the halls of modern museums or in the remaining ancient temples or corridors (see more here www.) There is a lot of examples of contemporary marble statues. You can find a lot of examples in online or stationary stores offers. There are many types of statues. You can choose from classy and vintage ones which are based on the ancient sculptures. There are gods and goddess that you can easily buy and put up somewhere in your modern day garden. Imagine, a two meter high Poseidon calming the waves in your garden pond. Or have Apollo play on his magical harp to make your evening brighter.

If ancient gods aren’t really your thing there is also a rich offer of modern statues. There is a multiplicity of types, sizes and ideas. For example you can choose from funny animals. Just put a leaping dog in the center of your lawn and throw a ball. See if it can catch it. If you prefer sweet kittens let’s choose a little kitten family and arrange them all around your garden. Still, there are many other ideas that you can consider. One thing, however is certain, if you have garden marble statues in your garden they can truly set your garden off and make it one of a kind. Don’t forget about the air of royalty and touch of classy elegance. Make your garden a king’s garden.

Mateusz Stanaszek
Mateusz Stanaszek
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