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Open plan kitchen – modern solution

Open plan kitchen – in line with modernity

Open plan kitchen is a great idea if you have a small amount of space to use but it can also be even greater when there’s a lot of space to plan. Let’s consider the latter situation. Imagine old industrial building transformed into modern day apartment. You have a lot of space with some industrial elements left over, there are pipes or cables protruding from the ceiling, there’s a brick wall far away at the one end and there are these huge windows overlooking the city or the river bank. Choose whatever you like. No matter the details the general space is in line with modernity. The lines are clear cut and the edges clearly defined. The space is unhindered with unnecessary details or hidden nooks or corners. It’s easy to move from one end to another and easy to see what lies beyond. What are the possibilities for an open kitchen in such a space?

Open plan kitchen – possible ideas

First of all, think of creating light extension. You can use the huge windows for that purpose, arrange the kitchen appliances and cabinets at one end and extend its space right beneath the windows, place there a dining table or a kitchen island with accommodated working space. If that doesn’t bring enough light think of creating a roof filled with glass windows, uncovering the whole view and letting the light in. Another interesting idea for open plan kitchen is butcher’s block space extending the kitchen. Butcher’s block can serve as an area separating the kitchen from the rest of the rooms. You can use wood or natural stone to furnish it and then continue this design in further space, like in chest of drawers of your living room or bookshelf.

There are really many ideas how to arrange open plan kitchen. It all depends on the particulars of the available space and your personality. Yes, personality is the key when arranging spaces. After all, you will live in this space and you will need to feel comfortable there. Hence, think twice before you decide on following ready-made designs.

Mateusz Stanaszek
Mateusz Stanaszek
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