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Quartz colors – what are the possibilities

Quartz colors – wide range

Quartz is an engineered stone which can be used to create many interesting objects. The fact that it’s engineered means that colors can be easily manipulated and there are basically no limits when it comes to imagining a color or a shade. The spectrum of colors goes all the way from pitch black, through intense greens and reds to bright yellows and pale whites. Quartz slabs or tiles, or surfaces generally can be uniform with only slightly visible colored particulates or more extravagant, like translucent surfaces exposing the grains beneath with additional veining running in irregular patterns. The way the final product looks depends on the original raw material, chosen way of processing and manufacturing. The method of polishing and cutting can also make a huge difference when it comes to quartz colors. Cleanly cut worktop with heavy gloss can make a totally different impression than the same one but polished to be mat and cut to have rough edges. Finally, the location of quartz can also impact the way it looks. Brightly lit kitchen can make the countertop sparkle and gleam with inner light, whereas countertop in shadowed area can appear gloomy and sad.

Quartz colors – suitable applications

Quartz colors are many and beckoning, if you are looking for quartz color for yourself visit polishgranite.co.uk/quartz-worktops/. No wonder then, that quartz finds a lot interesting applications. One of the most typical, also mentioned above, is kitchen countertops. Quartz countertops are especially popular not only because quartz comes in a variety of colors with multitude of patterns, but also because of its properties. As an engineered stone quartz  has its natural  qualities enhanced in such a way as to increase its durability and resistance. Hence, quartz countertops are highly durable, resistant to heat and moist. They are difficult to scratch and they don’t absorb liquids. Although, it’s not so easy to process quartz an then install if it’s done by professional suppliers there is nothing to worry about. Another interesting quartz application are bathroom worktops. Here, similarly as with kitchen, quartz durability and resistance make it perfect for furnishing bathroom, known to be full of water and humid. Home interiors is not the only one application for quartz. Its inner beauty and colors make it also perfect for designing jewelry and using it as decorative elements, like for example little beads intertwined within parts of garments.

Exquisite quartz colors are just a starting point. The variety of shades and hues may be a great inspiration for creating wonderful projects. It’s concerning not only outstanding bathroom worktops or kitchen countertops but a multiplicity of other projects. Even when you just browse the internet to find and see the variety for yourself you can learn that the names given to colors themselves are a beauty. Think of emerald forest, kings crown, petals of lily or infinite sky. These are just examples of creative names of quartz colors. Even if you can’t really see them right now they can tell you a lot about quartz colors’ stunning beauty.

Mateusz Stanaszek
Mateusz Stanaszek
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