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White quartz worktops – modern or traditional design

White quartz worktops – interiors

There are so many possibilities when it comes to furnishing kitchen. You can choose from traditional furniture and decorations, or from modern day sleek cabinets and hidden appliances. You can set on ready-made kitchens or have it custom designed for your individual project. The possibilities here are endless. What’s more, they are constantly developing. As the technology is advancing so are the solutions applied in kitchens. Just think of modern microwaves, ovens, air-conditioning systems, smart home solutions etc. Yet, one thing remains constant. That is the kitchen worktop, which is still the very heart of every kitchen. There’s simply no way to have a kitchen without worktop. Of course, you can have one, there’s no law forbidding it, but is it really fulfilling its basic function then? An organism without a heart isn’t alive, so is the kitchen without its worktop.

When it comes to worktops you can choose from  a variety of available materials. There are natural stones like granite or marble, engineered stones like quartz, or such materials as ceramics or metal. There’s plenty of styles and shapes as well. There are rough edged worktops, clean cut ones, highly polished and glossy or polished in such a way as they look matte. The choice is only yours to make. One of the examples of a good choice are definitely white quartz worktops. Quartz, which is known for its high durability and resistance to such harmful factors as humidity, bacteria, heat etc. is a perfect choice when it comes to kitchen worktops. Hence it’s engineered it comes in a variety of colors. To keep the matter simple, let’s stick to white quartz worktops. White is a kind of color that looks good in all kinds of interiors, both traditional and modern and matches well with all other colors.

White quartz worktops – traditional and modern kitchen

White quartz worktops look really well in traditional interiors. Traditional kitchens are known for their warm and welcoming atmosphere. In traditional kitchens usually you can find  lot of warm colored furniture and many decorative elements that clutter the space a little bit, but don’t make it look neglected. White worktop works well in this kind of kitchen, it enlivens it and makes it brighter. Yet, it doesn’t draw too much of unnecessary attention. It simply stands in the background and makes a perfect completion to traditional kitchen. Interestingly, the same goes with modern day kitchen. Sleek cabinets and appliances hidden within are the indicators of contemporary kitchens. They are above all practical and easy to navigate. White quartz worktops suits them just fine. They are also simple and minimalistic. If you are looking for white quartz worktops visit polishgranite.co.uk website

Mateusz Stanaszek
Mateusz Stanaszek
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