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What harms a granite worktop?

What harms a granite worktop?
Worktops made from granite are a solution which will be loved by every person who spends a lot of time in their kitchen. We no longer need cutting boards – as we can successfully cut directly on the worktop, because even very sharp knives will not cause the worktop harm. Of course, if our main goal is to damage the worktop, for example with a hammer or any other kind of powerful tool, we can indeed damage it, but it is unlikely that we will unwillingly damage the worktop during everyday use. Even if we can make a little crack or chip the stone, a few moments of polishing with a grindstone or repairing with special glue should quickly settle the matter. For most of the granites and other natural stones the high and low temperatures aren’t dangerous either – these raw materials are not flammable, and their high resistance to heat is great, so there is no problem with putting a hot pot or pan on the table – it will not harm the surface. Granite is also the one raw material resistant to grease and other chemicals – they are not absorbed into the surface and will not create dark spots of decolouration, however, just as marble, granite and other natural stones need to be frequently impregnated with special substances (you can read here about impregnating granite surfaces). It certainly isn’t a drawback, because we know very well that the wood must also pass such care from time to time. But when we apply fairly strong chemicals on unprotected marble or granite, this can result in some bad outcomes. It is common, however that those who agree to purchase this type of durable and quite expensive material, will also ensure that the selected stone serves them for many years and they will often take care of it.

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