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Natural stone worth impregnating – when?

When is natural stone worth impregnating?

Impregnation is a measure taken to improve stone’s durability and resistance. Stone shop workers suggest to do it regularly, in order to minimize the effects of everyday utilization. When and in what situations is natural stone worth impregnating? You will find the answer in the article below.

Impregnation is to be done if:

If you want to have mechanically polished surfaces perfectly smooth;

If you wish the stone to become fully resilient to dirt adhesion, effects of oils, moisture and chemicals – closure of its micropores will guarantee the desired effect;

Polishing with the smallest of diamond dusts does not result as expected – no perfectly smooth surface and improvement of material’s resistance;

If you want to deepen the minerals’ taint that constitute the stone and intensify its color’s saturation;

You wish to gain semi-dull or semi-polished effect, while at the same time keeping the material’s outer layer non-slip?

You intend to deepen the color and protect the structure of rough surfaces (like sandblasted, polished or flamed finish) from high temperature, water or chemicals;

You want to improve comfort of the surface usage, improve the process of its cleaning and decrease its frequency (to perfectly smooth surfaces dirt does not cling, so cleaning them goes on much more efficiently);

You need to secure the materials vulnerable to intense utilization or frequent contact with liquids, like kitchen and bathroom worktops, stairs, sills, tiles, etc.

It should be mentioned that impregnation has to be done regularly and with proper liquids. There are various products available in the market. Their selection is determined by a kind of stone and its texture. Obviously, impregnation products are to be used reasonably and according to instructions visible on the packet. Most of the time they are melted in water, spread around clean surface and left to go dry. Stone impregnation can be done on our own, or we can call a professional for assistance.

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Mateusz Stanaszek
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